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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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10 Must-Have Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Toys

Posted by on Apr 24, 2017 in Entertainment, Film, Shopping, Toys | 0 comments

 Sponsored Things are heating up in theaters this summer as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 makes its official debut in theaters on May 5th! After seeing the new film, your kids are going to want to get their hands on the hottest and coolest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 toys. Be ahead of the game and order the toys now before the sell-out once the movie is released in theaters. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Bring the ultra-groovy style of Guardians of the Galaxy to life with this music-playing, sound-detecting, limb-shaking Dancing Groot! This 11.5-inch Dancing Groot figure is nearly the same size as Groot from the upcoming Guardians of Galaxy: Volume 2 movie, and features a clip from the song ‘Come A Little Bit Closer’ from the movie soundtrack, so that when the far-out...

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Interactive Game Night with Pie Face Showdown

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Education, Family, Parenting, Shopping, Toys | 0 comments

 This post was sponsored by Hasbro as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Our favorite thing to do together as a family is to have a family game night. Our kids would rather play games with us in the evening vs. watching television, and it is all because of interactive games available like Pie Face Showdown. I have wanted to get the kids a new game to play, and when I found out about the Pie Face Showdown game that was coming out on October 1st, I couldn’t wait to test it out with my kids. Since this game is more of an “outside” game, I planned to surprise my kids with the new game during their after school snack time. Once the kids finished their snack,...

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Top 15 Hottest Zootopia Toys

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Disney, Entertainment, Film, Shopping, Toys | 1 comment

  The highly anticipated time has come for the film “Zootopia” to come out into theaters. Once your children see the movie, they are going to fall in love with it and then want to collect all the hottest “Zootopia” toys. We have compiled a list of the top 15 must-have “Zootopia” toys that your children are going to want after seeing the movie. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Judy Hopps Figure The world of “Zootopia” will come to life for your kids while playing with Judy Hopps in the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition game. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Nick Wilde Figure 1 Figure 1 Web Code Card Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Zootopia Judy’s Police Cruiser Includes Judy’s Police Cruiser, Officer Judy Hopps Figure, and Law Breaking Mouse Figure 3″ Officer. Judy Hopps Figure features poseable arms, neck, and legs...

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Inspire Future Scientist with The Polymer Goo Kit

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Education, Family, Toys | 0 comments

  My older son is obsessed with the Marbles Brain Store. He spends so much time visiting the store to play with the different games that he is one a first name basis with most of the staff. While he is always bringing home a mind game or puzzle, I have never gotten anything for my younger son until recently and got him the Polymer Goo Kit. This kit is geared for ages 10+ and with him being nine, it seemed like the perfect age. When I first showed him the blue box with green slime on it, he didn’t seem too excited about getting started working on it. But, when I opened the box to reveal a mini science lab, he dropped his Legos and came over to the table to get started. He put on the gloves,...

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Keep Your Kids Connected to Nature with SmarTrike

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Family, Shopping, Toys | 0 comments

 Sample received Keeping your kids active outdoors plays a key role in their development. Children can explore the world around them and stay active with the help of SmarTrike. The revolutionary product grows with your child’s development from 10 months to 3 years of age. Children learn through their senses. By taking your children on a walk through the neighborhood with a SmarTrike on a daily basis, you’ll discover the world through the eyes of your child. While outside, they can learn so much from feeling the different textures of leaves and trees while being outside with their parents. They’ll use their ears to hear the birds and their skin to feel the wind on their face. Nurture your child’s curiosity by doing the simplest things like stopping to watch a snail walk across the sidewalk or bumblebee collecting...

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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Christmas, Family, Holiday, Shopping, Toys | 0 comments

 Samples have been received Show your kids how much you love them throughout the year by giving them the gift of a subscription box. It is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and perfect gift idea for grandparents to give to their grandchildren. Subscription boxes aren’t just for adults, and these are our top picks when looking for a subscription box to gift to your kids this holiday season. Toys/Imaginary Play Citrus Lane’s Holiday Boxes Each holiday box includes 4-5 products that are rated and reviewed by moms, and handpicked specifically for the age and stage of a child. From educational toys to fun bath products to bibs & blankets, Citrus Lane narrows down the best products to help parents discover favorite new brands for their little loved ones as they grow, and even includes insight...

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Barbie Rock ‘n Royals Concert (Giveaway)

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Events, Giveaways, Toys | 10 comments

  This fall, families are invited to a LIVE show starring Barbie in her all new movie, Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals, which debuts nationwide on 9/8! During this rockin’ music experience, Barbie fans in the Los Angeles area will have the opportunity to “Raise Their Voice” by: · Enjoying a LIVE concert performance of songs from the movie including, “Raise Our Voices,” “What if I Shine,” and “Brand New Song” from surprise guests · Striking a pose on the Pink Carpet · Getting rock star ready in the Super Style Zone · Jamming out in the VH1 Rock Star Zone · Twisting and shaking in the Be Super Dance Zone For tickets to the Rock ‘N Royals Concert Experience, go online. All ticket sales will benefit VH1 Save The Music. WHEN: Saturday, September 26 12 PM WHERE: Hollywood...

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Keeping Kids Learning While Traveling with the LeapPad3

Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Education, Family, Tech, Toys, Travel | 0 comments

 Sponsored With our family always traveling, I am often asked how I keep my kids learning while they are not in school. We are lucky to be a part of a charter school that offers Independent Study for families who travel, and I also use vital learning tools including LeapFrog products. Why LeapFrog? They make learning fun while encouraging my kids to continue learning outside of their educational lessons. When traveling earlier this month to the Turks and Caicos, we brought along the new LeapPad3 for my younger son Tyler. It ended up being his #1 favorite LeapFrog product, and he didn’t want to put it down. With a 14-hour flight that had multiple long airport layovers, Tyler got acquainted with the product. Within moments, he was on his way to learning new things through fun and interactive games....

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Razor Monster Kix Scooter (Giveaway)

Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Family, Featured, Giveaways, Halloween, Shopping, Toys | 30 comments

 Review product received Your little monster can trick-or-treat in style this year cruising around the neighborhood on a monstrous Razor Monster Kix scooter. The newest addition to the Razor line takes scooters to the next level of fun combining imaginary play with large motor skills. The scooter is recommended for children over the age of three years and features spooky graphics, a slip resistant board and the best part – monster handle bars! It is perfect for younger children who are just learning how to scooter with tilt to turn steering to help young children build coordination, and a three-wheel design with extra wide deck to keep kids stable while on-the-go. Our kids tested out the scooter with their neighborhood friends and said that it is the ultimate scooter to be riding around the neighborhood this Fall season. Razor...

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Three Tips for Purchasing Your Toddlers First Baby Doll

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in Family, Parenting, Shopping, Toys | 0 comments

 Sample product received I still have my first baby doll, and my daughter still cherishes her first baby doll. When it came to purchasing my toddlers first baby doll, I put a lot of work into researching different baby dolls so that my daughter would have a baby doll that would withstand her loving, and be strong enough to pass down to her daughter. The first thing to look for is a doll that does not have any plastic eyes or parts that can come off and become a choking hazard. It won’t be your toddlers favorite baby doll if they can only watch it sitting on a shelf in their room. Second thing to look for is a doll that is machine washable. The doll will more than likely be drug around the sand box, spit-up on and...

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Five Must-Have ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Toys

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Entertainment, Family, Film, Shopping, Toys | 0 comments

 Toy samples provided “Guardians of the Galaxy” is flying into our universe on August 1st, and the toys are already flying off the store shelves. After seeing a pre-screening of the film with my boys, they could not wait to blast off to the store to get new toys themed after the movie. I recommend getting your kids these toys early before having to search a different galaxy to find them. After testing out many of the different “Guardians of the Galaxy” toys, these are our five must-have top picks. Rocket Raccoon Action Mask Your kids will start acting out scenes from the film while wearing this adorable mask. Kids can manually make the mask’s mouth, eyebrows and ears move. The toy is our kids #1 favorite “Guardians of the Galaxy” toy, and my younger son never wants to...

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Transformers Toy Review

Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Entertainment, Family, Film, Summer, Toys | 0 comments

 Review product received  I grew up in the 80’s surrounded by boys. All my mom’s friends had boys so my world involved farts, boogers and poo talk. When they weren’t trying to gross me out or cause me pain, the boys would talk Atari, He-Man and Transformers (more than meets the eye in that “robotic” voice). Sure I would have loved to have discussed Jem or Poochi but that wasn’t in the cards for me. So my childhood consisted of me begging day and night to play with their Transformers in hopes of actually transforming a robot instead of sitting on the sidelines watching them. They boys would all tell me no because I was a girl and girls don’t know how to play with boys toys. Unbeknownst to them, when they were away playing basketball I played with...

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Real Life Treasure Hunting with Geotagging

Posted by on Mar 16, 2014 in Family, Featured, Hiking Trails, Parenting, Parks, Tech, Toys | 0 comments

 Geotagging. What is that? Geotagging = Real life treasure hunting! I have heard of Geotagging, but never truly understood what is was. A friend of mine who knows how much I love exploring nature with my children told me that my kids were just the right age to start, and I should give it a try. I didn’t know where to start, so I started asking about it on Facebook. I quickly learned that all I needed was my phone, GPS device, pencil and some small swag. I ordered a Geomate Geotagging GPS device, and it just happened to be delivered right before the one weekend that we got rain here in Orange County. I didn’t let a little rain stop us from going on our first real life treasure hunt. Once there was a break in the storm,...

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How to Build a Backyard Zipline

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Family, Parenting, Toys | 1 comment

  Have your kids been dreaming of ziplining? My kids first started begging me to build them a zipline after not meet the height requirement in Hawaii. With safety always my #1 concern about building a backyard zipline, two years later, I discovered the secret of Slackers Zipline Kits! When I saw the online video, I thought it was too good to be true, but I could not resist getting one for our backyard. I could not contain the excitement while waiting for the box to arrive. The neighborhood kids were all over when I walked inside with the box, and the minute that the lid of the box opened, my house filled with screams of excitement. We dropped everything that we were doing to start installing the zipline in our backyard. My husband thought that it would take...

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Bel Bambini Outlet Opens in Southern California

Posted by on Dec 24, 2013 in Family, Parenting, Toys | 0 comments

 Sponsored Are you expecting a baby? Have someone who is expecting? We have good news for you! Bel Bambini has just opened their first outlet for new and expecting parents at the Citadel Outlet Center in Commerce. The outlet features 50% off floor models, discontinued and overstock merchandise, customers can shop for top brands of nursery furniture, strollers, car seats apparel & shoes, toys, accessories and much more. Bel Bambini has stores located in West Hollywood and Costa Mesa with all the hottest baby gear. The staff is the most knowledgeable to help parents make the best purchases for their new babies. Bel Bambini is well known as the go-to location for celebrities. Charlize Theron, Shakira, Drew Barrymore, Adele, Jessica Alba, Selma Blair, Halle Berry, Jamie King, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Bruce Willis, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and...

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Creativity for Kids with Light up Links (Giveaway)

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Giveaways, Toys | 12 comments

  As a retired teacher, encouraging my children to be creative is one of the core values I focus on while being a parent. I learned in school how important encouraging kids to be creative can impact the success in their future, so I love when I find toys that have endless boundaries for their imagination like Light Up Links. The kids have been feeling the stress from our busy holiday schedule, so I planned a quiet night playing with Light up Links. The kids did not know what to expect when I dumped a box of plastic sticks and balls onto their bed, but once they saw them light up – so did their imagination. We spent hours together creating different types of creations with the Light up Links. When everyone was done building their favorite things, we...

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Speedeebee – Family Word Game!

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Toys | 0 comments

 Are you looking for a fun way to improve your kids’ vocabulary and stretch their minds? Speedeebee Family Word Game is just the ticket! I sat down with my son to try out this new game and he was so excited to play! Speedeebee comes with a deck of 50 challenge cards and 4 alphabet dice. So simple!  First, you take the top card, and then you roll the die or dice as directed. The fastest player to answer the challenge wins the card! With 150 challenges on the cards and different dice to roll, the combinations are endless! The challenges will be different depending on which dice you roll, which makes this game fun and new every time you play! Speedeebee is the most fun way to get kids to practice cognitive speed, vocabulary, spelling and reaction time! These are life skills that they will...

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Fun and Games with Kaijudo Elite Series Triple Strike Deck

Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Toys | 0 comments

  It has been a summer of fun and games; I love that the kids have free time…time to just play and be kids.  Cal has been learning how to play Kaijudo, a popular trading card game where players duel pretty amazing creatures and compete in a battle to save the world with the Kaijudo Elite Series Triple Strike Deck. Kids can enjoy collecting and building their Kaijudo card collection with booster packs and competitive decks.  As they build their collection of creatures, they become skilled and able to win the ultimate battle against their competitors. With the Kaijudo Elite Series Triple Strike Deck, children can also create their own fighting style as they strategize on how to combine creatures by combining creatures to provide more power. The Kaijudo Elite Series Triple Strike Deck provides children with good old fashioned game playing...

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Doggie Doo from Goliath Games

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 in Toys | 0 comments

  From the makers of Gooey Louie and Pop the Pig comes Doggie Doo!  Doggie Doo from Goliath Games is a great game for my kids, since they are always asking for a dog! It comes with everything you see here to feed and walk your dog and collect his poop! After you feed your dog, you roll the die to see how many times you squeeze the handle to help your doggie digest his food. It’s pretty noisy, all that digesting. The funny noises will keep your kids giggling!  Eventually the food makes its way through the doggie and out the end. And the kids think it is absolutely hilarious!  Keep feeding your doggie and collecting the poop!  The first person to collect 3 poops, wins!  To learn more, visit Jaime is a homeschooling mama of two, wife of...

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Turbo Stunt Toy Set (Giveaway)

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in Featured, Giveaways, Toys | 15 comments

  Our kids loved the high-flying action in the movie Turbo, and now they can bring the action home with these Turbo Stunt Toy Set. When talking with the director of Turbo, David Soren, he talked about how his sons love for all things fast was a huge inspiration for the film. Just like his son, kids can do action-packed stunts right in their own home with the Turbo Stunt Set Assortment, and Turbo SHELL RACERS Vehicles by Mattel. The movie comes to life as kids launch their snails through the “Ring of Fire” while doing a zip-line stunt race. The snails start in the launch tube before the kiddos pull the trigger to send their snail on a racing adventure. The toy is recommended for children ages three years or older. One (1) winner will receive: · Turbo...

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