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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Las Vegas Vacation in the Kia Sorento SX

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Kia Sorento SX for families

Our family went on our first Las Vegas Vacation last month and took our children to see their first show in Vegas.  Our daughter has been asking to see Celine Dion since she was three so my mom and I took her to see that show while my husband took our our son to see the Blue Man Group for his first show.  We packed up our family of five for our Las Vegas Vacation in the Kia Sorento SX.

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  1. I had the privilege of being on this journey to Vegas with my daughter and her family while they tried the Kia Sorrento. I was very impressed with many of the features mentioned by Amy . The two grandchildren and I had plenty of leg room for the four hour trip. As Amy noted a place for the food we ate sat comfortably and safely without spilling. Loved the panoramic sunroof. Another feature I thought was unique was the speed limit posted on the display wherever we were driving! I live in Wisconsin and with the weather we have here the AWD is a plus! Wonderful vehicle that I may consider when looking for another car! I was impressed!

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