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10 Favorite Greek Gods and Goddesses

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If you are like me, then you just adore Greek Mythology and the Gods and Goddesses! Well, here I will list my ten favorite Greek Gods in order from 10-1. They’ll be listed from Demeter to Athena. Thanks to Percy Jackson, I have learned more about Greek Mythology than anyone! (Except the Greeks, and a few unnamed people) So, let’s get to the list! Starting with…

10) Demeter: The Greek Goddess of the Harvest
Now Demeter, the great goddess of the harvest! Without her, the world would not get the fresh food that we have today. No pasta salad, or other fresh foods! Demeter is a really great goddess!

9) Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
Who doesn’t like the Goddess of Love and Beauty? I mean without her, everybody and everything would be ugly and without love or affections! I mean seriously! Life just wouldn’t be right without Aphrodite!

8) Ares: The Greek God of War
Well, Ares is a really cool guy and all but for the son of the King and Queen of the Universe, (Zeus and Hera) he is a really upstart guy. To be the god of war you need your spoils of war. (Which you have to love) You need to be short tempered, and above all, you need to love war! (Check, Check and Check) Oh and almost forgot, you need to have an aura that makes anybody around you angry!

7) Hephaestus: The God of Blacksmiths, Fire, and Metalwork
OK, Hephaestus is awesome! He can make the best things out of metal! Also, if you prayed to him before doing a blacksmith or metalworking project and made the right sacrifices (food or animals, not humans), then your project could end up really good. He is pretty cool, but his face is deformed, and his body is crippled.

6) Apollo: The Sun God
The ‘teenage god’, Apollo, rides the sun chariot through the sky every day! He is also the god of Healing, Medicine, Poetry, Art, Prophecy, and Archery. Apollo is a really cool guy, and all but he is the son of Zeus and gets in trouble with Zeus sometimes. Apollo eventually decided he needed an assistant, a wise woman, an Oracle. An Oracle, in ancient Greece, was someone who could see the future, but the only problem was that he wanted a real one. Apollo (being a god had the power to make magically someone truly see the future, just as he could. But Apollo set some ground rules for his Oracle. He would use his magic to allow her to see truly the future. Apollo’s rules stated that she had to tell the truth, but she could not be too specific so that it would allow the possibility of misunderstanding. So Apollo magically turned a young priestess into a real oracle. He magically built a special temple to be her home, and He magically told a few people here and there about his wonderful oracle!

5) Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt and Goddess of the Moon
Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and the goddess of the moon. She was Apollo’s twin sister. Her father was Zeus, king of all the gods. Her mother was the gentle Leto. Artemis was Apollo’s opposite. Her brother could be warm and loving. But Artemis was not like that. She liked most of her half-siblings. But to others, Artemis was cold and pitiless. Artemis was a private goddess. She absolutely, positively, no question about it, resented anyone who intruded upon her, or spied upon her, or interrupted her, especially any man. Artemis had sworn never to marry, and she never did.

4) Hades: Lord of the Underworld
Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus were brothers. Each ruled over some part of the universe. Poseidon ruled the seas. Hades ruled the Underworld. Zeus accepted the most demanding job of all – Zeus was chosen to rule over all of the gods and all of the earth and all of the heavens. Unlike his two brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, both of whom were full of life, Hades was a gloomy fellow. He had a home high on Mount Olympus, but he was rarely there. He was much happier, well, more content anyway, to live in the Underworld.

3) Zeus: The Lord of The Universe, King of the Cosmos, God of the Sky
Zeus was the king of all the gods. He had many magical powers. He could shape shift and make himself look like anybody. He could throw his lightning bolts and do all kinds of damage. He also had powers that came from being king of all the gods. These were powers of government. He could give other gods titles and jobs. And he could take those titles and jobs away. He could direct other gods, like any leader, to do things. His was an elected position. There were 12 gods on the council. They could have voted someone else King. They never did, and also Zeus never retired.

2) Poseidon: God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses
Poseidon being the middle child of the big three is an awesome God! I mean he made horses, and can give you really great surf at the beach! You need to know, though, that the sea is his domain, and it reflects his mood. Horses, though, everybody loves them, and Poseidon sired Pegasus (the winged horse) and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa.

1) Athena: The Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Athena is my number 1 favorite Goddess! First off Zeus married her mother Metis, a daughter of Oceanus and was renowned for her wisdom. When Metis became pregnant, Zeus was warned by the earth that she would have a daughter. If she were to have another child with Zeus, it would be a boy, and he would overthrow Zeus, just like Zeus did to his own father, Kronos. So Zeus did a ‘Kronos’ and swallowed Metis and her unborn child whole! Later on after Metis had her child and named her Athena, faded (died) and turned into pure thought and stayed like that forever in Zeus’ brain. So Athena, the child, turned into pure thought and went up into Zeus’ head and eventually sprung out of Zeus’ skull full-grown and in battle armor. She then said she would be the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy! Isn’t that weird but awesome?

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Guitar playing, scooter riding, OC surfer boy. Andrew is a mad scientist middle schooler by day and an avid reader by night.
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  1. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. fun list

  3. Interesting list.

  4. My favorite Greek hero is Apollo. He is one of the few Greek god’s that share the same name in Roman. He is the sun god and burn the Earth. He is also the god of healing, prophecy, medicine, poetry, art, and archery. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  5. I have been looking for a percy jackson backpack . My favorite Greek god is athena mostly because annabeth and I mean come on girl power. im sooo EXCITED!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! These are great books

  7. Awesome giveaway, would love to read this book

  8. Once he fell on earth, he went on to become a prodigal craftsman, and was eventually reinstated in the heaven where he then built a number of marvelous for gods and goddesses. He also created those majestic god armors and shields most famous of them being the one donned by Achilles in the battle of Troy.

  9. Ancient Greek mythology tells a story about a man named Mikael Shadows born from two mortal parents during the century 23 B.C. He was one of seven people to be sacrificed for Ares, god of war. But instead became the first demigod after a human birth by an unknown deity. In exchange for this godly gift, there had to be a sacrifice made and that was his entire family. Mikael is the son of Melite (mother) and Codros (father), he is also the brother of Icarus (brother), Patron (brother) and Isadora (sister). It is said that Mikael will roam free on this earth until he seeks his true vengeance on Ares. Mikael Shadows, God of vengeance.

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