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10 Great Holiday Gifts Under $50


Looking for the perfect gift for a teenager or the person who has everything? Verizon has some great holiday gift ideas this year and these are our top picks to buy for less than $50!

Google Home Mini: add smarts to your home (even multiple rooms). Get hands-free help in any room with this voice-activated speaker. It’s powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions and tell it to do things.

Square Credit Card Reader: the perfect gift for the someone on your list running a small biz.

Griffin Stylus – have a tablet or looking to be a bit more precise with your touchscreen, the Griffin Stylus will give you precision without pricing you out.

Cases – from Kate Spade, to Tech 21, protect your devices without breaking the bank. The UA Protect Grip Case is shockproof with layered ridges for a secure hold.

Be adventurous – know someone who is going on an adventure and already has a GoPro? Get them a HeadStrap to get that perfect POV shot.

Need a quick charge? The Mophie Powerstation mini 3000 Quickly charges most smartphones or USB devices and fits in your pocket.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug – leave climbing under the tree for Santa. With the smart plug you can control your holiday lights remotely via an app. Have it turn on/off at a set time or do it on the fly. You choose!

Wireless USB drive for mobile phones (stocking stuffer alert!) – running out of space on your phone and worried about your data use? With the Sandisk Wireless Stick you have access to everything you need wirelessly on the go. Just carry your USB stick with you…it broadcasts a wireless signal to securely transfer files between your Apple, Android and laptop.

Energizer Cup Inverter: turn your car into a portable powerhouse. Fits into a cup holder and has four USB ports and a standard AC adapter.

Logitech Bluetooth keyboard – ever wished you could type on your phone with a larger keyboard? With this bluetooth keyboard you can type whole documents without cramping your fingers

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  1. Logitech Bluetooth keyboard – I love this keyboard! It was super easy to sync, it’s a veryy good size, easy to type, and I can connect it to multiple devices. It has all the keys that a PC has, but I’m using it on an iOS (iPad Air 2), which I love. I don’t know about other people, but one of the many reasons I refuse to get a macbook is the keyboard, and this absolutely solves that problem for me. I have my iPad Air in one of those stand cases, and even with the case on it fits in the slot brilliantly (just not when the case is completely in — see pictures), and at such a great angle, it’s perfect. My tablet even stays in the slot and doesn’t fall out when I have the keyboard leaned back (see pictures)! I’ve seen classmates of mine with keyboard cases, and while I can see how that’s useful, the case either seems bulky, hard to open, or flimsy. While having a whole separate keyboard doesn’t really help with the bulkiness (it’s thicker than the pictures seem), it’s not super heavy (although it is a little bit heavier than I thought it would be, it was nothing I didn’t very quickly adjust to), and it seems to be very durable. Will update with survival timeline once I’ve had it a little longer and it’s been exposed to my backpack and school.

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