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10 Ideas To Save Money For Your Family

It’s no secret that family life can get rather expensive. Fortunately, there are lots of ways that you can reduce your spending and start saving more. You might be saving for a special purchase, or simply looking to reduce your debts. Regardless of your financial goals, these tips will give you a great place to begin.

Invest your spare change

Looking to save money or even make a little extra? Then consider investing your spare change. How do you do this? Investment apps like Acorn use a rounding up feature. When you make a purchase with your card, the app rounds up the amount to the closest dollar. Your spare change automatically goes into an investment portfolio. It’s an ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ portfolio where you can add sustainable companies.

Be more sustainable

There are plenty of ways that you can save mother earth and reduce your bills. Let’s explore a few simple ideas:

  • Grow vegetables in your garden, you can teach your kids, be more eco-friendly and save some money on your groceries.
  • Practice mindful habits, reduce your electricity usage where possible.
  •  Consider a rainwater collector, there are lots of ways that you use this water around the home.
  • Use objects from your recycling to make decor objects for your house, (think plant pots, decorative bunting, or DIY birdbaths).

Shop in thrift stores

Shopping in thrift stores is a fantastic way to save your family money. You can find a range of unique and great quality items, from homeware to clothing, toys, and garden items. Many thrift stores donate their profits to a charity, so you’ll also be giving something back. There are several benefits to thrift shopping such as:

  • Get some excellent deals on nearly new items.
  • Protect the planet by reducing waste.
  • Find one-off and super unique items.
  • Teach your kids the value of money.

Look for online discounts

We all love a discount, and there are plenty of deals to be found if you shop around online. One of the top sites for discounts is, where you can find discounts on home and garden products, travel, health and beauty, and more. To save money on your homeware products this is the website you need. Check out the latest reductions on lighting, beds and garden furniture. You’d be surprised at how much you can save with the right discounts and offers.

Embrace minimalism

Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle can help your family to save. Minimalism is about enjoying life while consuming less. It’s about thinking carefully about the products you buy and reducing your dependency on lots of material items. To help you embrace a minimalist lifestyle, the following podcasts have lots of advice:

The Slow Home: This podcast teaches you how to simplify your life and adopt a minimalist approach. Recent topics on the show include ‘Zero Waste Family Life’, ‘Permaculture Tips’, and ‘Imposter Syndrome’.’ Here you’ll learn plenty of tips to improve your home and your life.

The Sustainable Minimalist Podcast: Here is an insightful podcast on minimalism with a focus on sustainability. Learn how to embrace a minimal life, while keeping things green. Themes include minimalist mindsets, recycling tips, intentional decorating, and downsizing.

Free days out 

Summer is the perfect time to have fun with your family, but many day trips can get pretty inexpensive. If you’re looking to save cash, take things back to basics with these free days out:

  • Check out the free museums in your local area, there are plenty of kid-friendly museums out there.
  • Plan a family bike ride, exploring some beauty spots close to your home.
  • Visit a National Park, take along a picnic and some games.
  • Enjoy a day at the beach, building sandcastles and swimming in the sea.
  • Check out free summer workshops for kids, (you’ll often find these at local libraries).

Improve your budget

To remain financially healthy you’ll certainly need a clear budget. Organize your spending into categories, set limits, and reduce expenses where you can. Using a budget you can identify how much you can realistically save, and see where you’ve been spending too much money.

Look out for free items

Want a few freebies? There are lots of places that you can look online. For some starting points, try these:

  • Facebook Marketplace: Lots of the time people list items for free on the marketplace. You could bag a range of free goods whether it’s a free sofa, some free plates or garden tools.
  • Just Free Stuff: On this site, you can find plenty of deals and samples of products for free. There are samples of beauty and health products, pet products, kids’ products, and more.
  • Freebies For Mom: Most of these free samples are products that moms would love, (but anyone can join the site and pick up some free stuff)!

Have a clear-out

When was the last time you gave your home a good clear-out? If it’s been a while, maybe now’s the time to de-clutter. When you remove the waste from your home you can sell these items, and add the money to your budget. There are many places that you can sell your old stuff including Wallapop, 5Miles, or ThredUp.

Seek advice

Want even more tips on saving your family money. Here are a few awesome podcasts that can help:

The Family Finance Show: Here you’ll learn some great advice about managing your family finances. You can get tips about how to reduce your spending, get organized, and make smart investment choices.

Cash Chats: This podcast is hosted by finance expert Andy Webb, here you’ll learn handy tips, from lowering energy bills to great deals on groceries. Find out which budgeting apps are the best, plus lots of useful tax advice. When it comes to your finances, sometimes you need a little help.

Trying to save money can feel a little stressful, but with these applications, you’ll take the hassle out of saving.


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