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10 iphone apps that can help you manage your household

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Whether you are a stay at home full time mom or have a full time job, running a household is a balancing act that can always be perfected. Here are 10 iphone apps that can help:

  1. Household Budget Manual – Costs $0.99 and will help you organize and maintain your household budget.
  2. EasyTask Manager – Free app that will help you keep up with all of the things that need to be done in your home.
  3. Shopper – Pro – Costs $0.99. You can make your grocery list and sync with a family member to delegate shopping duties. Access coupons and FDA/USDA Alerts and Recalls, obtain nutritional ratings and manage multiple shopping lists with Shopper – Pro.
  4. ADT Pulse (SM) Interactive Solutions – Manage almost every aspect of your security system with this free iPhone app. Arming and disarming the system remotely, viewing live video feeds of your home and even controlling your lights and thermostats are all tasks you can manage from anywhere.
  5. HomeZada Mobile – This free app will  help you document the contents in your home and store the information online so that it isn’t lost.
  6. Chore Hero – Costs $2.99 and will help your kids get in on the action. This app strives to make completing chores fun, rather than a laborious task and helps your kids understand the concepts of responsibilities and the value of hard work.
  7. Manilla – Automatic bill pay reminder, and also manages your bills and accounts. Manilla monitors your travel rewards and subscriptions as well as your finances and outstanding bills, organizes your documents for statement and bill storage, and supports more than 3,000 account providers.
  8. HomeRoutines – Create checklists for your recurring household task routines, then complete them on the days that you choose. This $3.99 app will send reminder notifications to help you combat procrastination, even getting a gold star for each completed task. Detailed cleaning lists, timers and other fun tools manage to make keeping up with your chores and tasks a bit less dull.
  9. Dinner Spinner – Family dinner is an important part of keeping your household tightly knit and maintaining familial bonds. This free app makes preparing that meal easier and less stressful by suggesting recipes based on what your family likes, or those built around a particular ingredient. When you’ve chosen a recipe, send the ingredients to your mobile shopping list!
  10. GE Nucleus – If you have a GE Nucleus energy manager operating on your home network and Brillion-enabled appliances, you can track and monitor your home’s energy consumption and costs. This free app provides real-time feedback so that you can better understand how to conserve it, as well as seeing first-hand just how much money and energy is saved with high-efficiency appliances.


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