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10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking For Good

If you smoke, it’s time to give it up once and for all! Aside from the numerous health risks that come with cigarette smoking, such as heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema, there are plenty of other reasons to quit smoking now.

This article explores why quitting smoking is beneficial for you and if you want an instant stop there is also hypnosis that is so effective which can be beneficial in quitting smoking once and for all. Click here to learn more about Quit smoking hypnosis. Before you take that first puff again, here are 10 reasons why you should quit smoking for good:

Get Healthier

Every cigarette that you smoke takes at least 10 minutes off your life. It can be easy to dismiss the importance of that, but think about how many years it adds up to throughout a lifetime! Quitting smoking also reduces your risk of heart attack and cancer. The best thing about quitting is being able to pass on one of the worst habits you could have, teaching a young person not to start in the first place, and helping those close to you live longer too.

Save Money

Smoking cigarettes is expensive. A pack of cigarettes costs at least $5 these days, and that amount will only increase as time goes on. Don’t waste your money on a product that has the potential to cause long-term illness or death, start smoking because it is stylish, cool, or something you associate with power. It is not worth it.

Enjoy Life More

Having cancer is never good and that is why it’s important to quit smoking now. Smoking will lead to you getting cancer and put you at risk for many diseases. If you have a family, then it might affect them as well because you could pass on these diseases. The more you smoke, the worse your health can be and how quickly it declines with age. 

The earlier one starts, the sooner one will experience the effects of this deadly habit like declining lung function and heart disease. Smoking can lead to serious eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration as well as promote diabetes which can worsen your vision problem so soon after quitting smoking.

Gain Confidence

Studies have shown that smoking can ruin your skin, cause chronic health problems, and diminish brain power. The more you smoke, the less it takes to become addicted. Finally, people will try to sell you cigarettes with messages like look cool or smokers are sexier than nonsmokers. Stop smoking now to feel confident and proud of your choice.


A lot of people want to quit smoking, but often they don’t know how. It is a very tough habit to break and can seem impossible, but if you take it one day at a time, it’s not as difficult. Your willpower will slowly increase and your tolerance will decrease. 

As each day passes you feel stronger and better than the day before. There are so many benefits of quitting, including smelling good again, getting that fresh air feeling in your lungs, etc.

Improve Your Appearance

Smoking damages the health of your lungs and other body parts. It also causes you to lose more breath and thus produce less oxygen than a non-smoker. It also stains teeth, causes wrinkles, constricts your blood vessels, increases the risk of stroke or heart disease, affects pregnancy outcomes, reduces fertility (if a woman continues to smoke during pregnancy), and doesn’t kill erectile dysfunction. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Banish Anxiety

There are many reasons to stop smoking, and anxiety is one of the biggest ones. A study published in Psychological Science found that quitting smoking helped relieve a person’s symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. This is because cigarettes can cause our levels of norepinephrine to go down norepinephrine is a stress hormone responsible for those feelings of generalized anxiety. 

Giving up nicotine also means reducing your risks of getting lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), both types that can lead to depression and feelings of worthlessness, which further increase your levels of generalized anxiety and make it all the more difficult to quit.

Stop Feeling Nauseous or Sick

By abstaining from tobacco products, you’ll be giving your body the chance to become healthy again. One way you will notice a difference is by feeling less nauseous and sick. Even when those around you are smoking, the smell of tobacco smoke in the air can be bothersome for anyone who’s trying to quit smoking or just doesn’t want to inhale other people’s smoke. 

Of course, if it were not enough that we experience these symptoms every day while under the influence of secondhand smoke, imagine how great it would feel not to have them anymore!

Protect Those Around You

Smoking affects everyone you know and love. Have you ever stopped to think about how it will impact those closest to you? And, not just people in your life like children, friends, and family members. How about your pets? 

Every time you smoke around them they’re in danger of inhaling a whole bunch of toxic chemicals that have been found to cause cancer and heart disease. Tobacco smoke is a known carcinogen so there’s no better way to say goodbye to those close to you than by living a healthy lifestyle and quitting smoking for good! 

Change Your Lifestyle

Trying to make excuses as to why you can’t quit is only going to hurt you more in the long run. Giving into temptation will only feed the cravings and make it even more difficult when you decide, on your own accord, that you are ready to quit for good. If we were honest with ourselves, smoking is all that our lives have ever been about. But life doesn’t have to be about smoking, which is why we should give quitting a try.


So, the next time you have a craving for a cigarette and are considering whether or not to succumb to it, just remember that quitting smoking will improve your health in so many ways. Not only will you feel better, but those around you will too. If you can quit smoking now, then you’ll be investing in both yourself and your loved ones. Start living smoke-free now!

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