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10 Simple Ways to Keep a Baby Safe and Cool in Hot Weather

It’s a delight parenting in warmer weather when the days stretch, and you go for long leisurely walks. However, as the temperature starts to climb, extra precautions must be taken. Check out these 10 simple tips to keep a baby safe and cool in hot weather.


Plan your day

Scheduling your day can be challenging with a newborn in tow; however, the easiest way to ensure your baby remains cool is to avoid the heat of the day. If you can get out of the house and complete your errands first thing in the morning, you and your child will be more comfortable.

Fans and air conditioning

Fans and air conditioning are an great way to keep cool indoors and on car journeys. Nevertheless, it is integral to take additional precautions with a baby that you might otherwise consider with older kids.

Avoid having fans directly facing your baby and ensure that plugs or blades are far from reach. While your aim is to avoid having your baby overheat, you don’t want your infant to catch a chill when using air conditioning, especially if dressed for the warmer weather.

Make your own air-con

If you don’t have air conditioning, it is incredible how quickly you can cool a room by placing a large bowl of ice or ice water in front of a fan. This works exceptionally well in small spaces.

Cotton clothing

Wearing minimal clothing in public and looking cute is a perk of being a baby. However, dressing your infant in thin, breathable fabrics can have a better cooling effect and double up as sun protection.

Cooling mat

There are a lot of things that you can get for a new baby; however, a cooling mat is one of the more versatile items. It can be used on the floor, in a car seat, tucked into your babywearing gear, or in a cot. They are typically functional for three to four hours, and the gel coolant only needs to be refrigerated first once the temperatures top 86 degrees.

Stroller Fan

If you are considering a family holiday with a baby in a hot destination, then we highly recommend this Diono clip-on stroller fan. It is powered by AA batteries and can be clipped just about anywhere which can help ensure a good night sleep when traveling.

Water play

Whether in the bath, the kitchen sink or outdoor playing with a hosepipe, water play is an excellent way to keep babies cool in warmer temperatures. Be sure to always stay within arm’s length, but we find that the splashes and mess are worth it for the giggles and smiles.

Use a cold compress

Dousing a clean face cloth in cold water and letting your baby play with it or keeping it pressed against their wrists or forehead can quickly bring down a baby’s temperature. However, if you are ever worried if a fever might be dangerous, then we urge you to seek medical attention immediately.

Have plenty of fluids available

Your breastfeeding baby will likely require more frequent suckling throughout the day during hotter weather. As such, moms shouldn’t forget that they need to stay hydrated. If your child is bottle-fed or on a sippy cup, then ensure they have continuous access to fluids and are encouraged to take small sips more regularly.

Use blackout curtains

Black-out curtains are for more than keeping your children sleeping in for longer. Using blinds and window coverings during the day is also a simple way to keep temperatures down.

Remember that dehydration and heatstroke can come about more swiftly in newborns or infants. The best form of defense is to avoid overheating, so use our simple tips and enjoy the lovely weather.

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