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10 Student Blogs You Should Read

Student Blogs

Student life is an amazing time in one’s life. It’s full of adventures and experiences, both exciting and insightful. While some of them might not be the most pleasant ones, they surely provide you with some serious knowledge regarding being an adult and living an adult life. Still, it’s always better to avoid any harmful or unpleasant situations in order to be focused more on what’s really important. And in the case of students, that’s learning. Fortunately, there’s quite a lot of resources to help you learn about the basics of student life and focus on more important and fun things.

Made for Students by Students

One good thing about being a student is that life on campus has this strong sense of camaraderie, by which it essentially lives. You’ll find yourself willing to help your mates because chances that they might give you a hand the other day are pretty high. Learning is not the easiest feat to handle at all, which creates almost perfect conditions to learn empathy. And many students manage to do exactly that.

That’s why there are many resources that can help you learn all aspects of student life in a rather engaging form. And not only because blogs are interesting and quite engaging on their own. It’s also because these blogs are usually created and filled by students who are not afraid or ashamed to share their experiences. Everything is covered in student blogs and discussions. Here are some of the most insightful and useful ones


Concentrating particularly on academics and how to approach them properly, this blog is invaluable for all freshmen who are still getting used to the insane pace of student life. Meeting deadlines, mastering learning techniques, choosing top essay writing sites, persuading professors, and many more other tips and tricks can be found here.

College Tourist.

If you’re planning to study in another country or want to go somewhere on vacation, this blog will cover most of your needs. Lots of students from different parts of the world share their studying and traveling experiences here, so you’ll always find something interesting to learn.

College Entrepreneur 101.

A blog that specializes in a more serious and responsible approach to student life, it’ll help you with such tips as making a career during classes or approaching your studies in regard to your future occupation.

Student Minds.

One of the best examples of a blog made by students for students, Student Minds helps young people to cope with mental issues that might occur as they study. Whether those issues lie in all the pressure or not, this blog will provide you with some insightful student stories and help you overcome all internal trouble should you have one.

College Dieting.

Another great blog that focuses on students’ health. This time, however, it is approached from the physiological point of view. Providing lots of tips regarding nutrition on campus and ways to take the best from the food you eat, College Dieting is a great resource for every student who wants to keep their healthy mind in a healthy body.

High Street Beauty Junkie.

A multi-topic blog run by Charli from Cardiff University, this one covers a vast variety of topics relating to academics, mental health, and fun. Charli does her best to live her student life to the fullest, so you’ll find lots of useful tips and tricks for yourself for sure.

The Healthy Hangover.

Getting back to health blogs, this one contains a perfect combination of tips about student nutrition and fun. The blog contains lots of interesting, easy, and tasty recipes for students who don’t have enough time to cook and can’t eat tasteless food. At the same time, the recipes are quite healthy and noteworthy to check out.

Two Guys and Some iPads.

Student life in the 21st century cannot go without modern gadgets. And that’s exactly what this blog covers. Containing various articles on technology, from finding affordable gadgets to making insights into how technology influences education, the Two Guys share some of the most interesting and fresh information from the tech world.

Broke Millennial.

Perhaps, one of the most useful and relevant blogs for modern students, this one covers the financial aspect of student life as well as touches upon life after graduation. Written by a graduate student, the blog shares quite insightful experiences regarding living with a minimum amount of money and searching for a job and a better future.

Hack College.

This one could be a definition of an entry blog to student life. Covering most of the aspects and challenges that students have in their beginnings, this blog is essentially a student life 101 for all those who are anxious to get out of bed on their first day.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Student Learning

Blogs can be lifesaving, especially if you had any troubles with student life at school or simply had recurring practical problems in your life. That’s mainly because blogs are there for sharing personal experiences with those who might have them in the future. With student blogs, it’s a special kind of thing filled not only with lots of useful information but also a strong student sense of camaraderie.


Elizabeth found her calling during her time at college. She’s always been an active person and student, so she just couldn’t stop herself and help others with information, something she handles the best. Today, Elizabeth is a professional author, blogger, and traveler who never stops discovering and sharing her experiences with others.

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