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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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10 Things Not To Do in a School Car Line

As a mom, I have to drop-off and pick-up my kids from school. Now, I’m no expert on what to do and not to do, but here are a few ideas from what I have seen happen at my school car line.

The obvious one is cutting everyone off and going to the front of the line.  Please stop!  Yes, we all very aware that you are more important than the rest of us, and “yes” so are your children.

While in the pickup line, if you feel the need to talk badly about the school, teachers, children, and parents at the school on your car’s hands-free Bluetooth, maybe putting the volume on high isn’t the smartest thing to do.  Next time roll-up your windows up, turn the volume down, and talk all you want about how your child’s teacher wronged you and how your school sucks.

If you see a sign that says TEACHERS PARKING ONLY, do not park in the parking lot.  I know those three words together can be confusing but really is it that difficult?

When they say no pets on campus, it doesn’t mean that you should park your car in the pick-up line. Then leaving your dog in the car with the windows up on a warm day so that you can chitchat with some parent friends, and not “physically” have your dog touch the campus.

If you do bring your pet to school, please don’t leave your car parked in the pick-up line to have your dog take a poop on the lawn. Then not pick up the poop just when 800 kids are about to run out to the lawn.

Yes, the same person who loves to bring her dog to school and insists on parking in the pick-up line. Next time you have your dog pee on a car, could it be yours and not the staff cars?  Unless that was intentional, then that’s okay.

If you are running late in the morning and need to unload your kids at the drop-off line, maybe parking in the line instead of in the middle of the road would work better.  That way you aren’t causing people to be late for school/work and causing a traffic jam.  Also, screaming “screw you” to a teacher who asked you kindly to move over to the line isn’t the best way to start the day.

If there are no spots in the entire neighborhood for 10 miles, then I totally agree blocking the driveway of a neighbor is totally okay.  Other than that park a bit further and walk, trust me that 5-minute walk won’t kill you or your child.

There are arrows that point in and out as well as signs that say do not enter, why do you come in through the exit and exit through the entrance? The best is that when you see a cop, then you seem to know what those signs mean.

I totally agree it’s fun to drive on the wrong side of the road to have oncoming traffic try and dodge you while children are present. It kind of reminds of when I played Frogger and was dodging cars.

When backing out of the parking lot it would be wise to check your rearview mirror to avoid hitting those ten kindergarteners on the corner.  I know they were in the way, and it’s entirely their fault.

I’m an OC mom of two and photographer. I love living in Southern California and want to expose my children to all that it offers. I love taking my kids on adventures and capturing their every moment so much so that my kids find it odd if I don’t take their pictures. You can see my work on
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One Comment

  1. here’s one thing to do: pay attention!!!!

    school is already in session here and i’m stunned by the jesus-cult that seem to believe their Bronze Age God will save everyone from their incompetence. Same woman, two days in a row, oblivious to everything outside of her car. Teachers, volunteers, knocking, horns, nothing. Only vigorous shouting, knocking, and horns got her attention.

    Please tell me how to deal with someone soooo self-absorbed in an area flooded with children??

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