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10 Tips for Keeping Your Young Athlete Safe

10 Tips for Keeping Your Young Athlete Safe

Sports can have a tremendously positive impact on kids’ lives. A positive experience in sports can benefit a child not only physically, but socially and emotionally. Sadly our current youth sports system is leading to a number of preventable injuries. In fact, according to the CDC, more than 3.5 million children under 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year. When it comes to high school athletes, they are clocking in 2 million injuries a year.

Keep your young athlete safe, healthy and happy with CoachUp’s top five youth sports safety tips.

1. Health, Sleep and Nutrition. Set your child up for a long, healthy career in sports by making sure they are eating a balanced diet and are sleeping regularly. Always have your child’s annual physical up-to-date and be diligent with following up on their doctor’s orders, especially for children with conditions like diabetes. Never hesitate to bring your child to their doctor if they are experience pain or feeling ill.

2. Concussion and TBI Awareness. Make sure both you and your athlete are aware of the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, as well as, the long term impacts of such an injury. When in doubt, refer to the guidelines outlined by the CDC and remember to bring your child to a medical professional immediately if you suspect your child might have sustained a TBI.

3. Hydration and Heat Related Illness Awareness. Your child should always be properly hydrated before participating in any physical activity. Especially if your child’s sport is rigorous or performed in elevated temperatures, both you and your athlete should be aware of the symptoms of heat related illnesses such heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

4. Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility Programs. Particularly for middle to high school athletes, a well-rounded training program is vital for preventing common overuse injuries. Your athlete should be diligent about following the strength and conditioning, and flexibility programs their coach prescribes. Your athlete might need some extra support with regard accommodations for existing conditions or injuries or just reviewing proper form, so consider enlisting the help for a private to work more closely with your child.

4. Sports Performance Stress Management. As your athlete begins to compete they will become introduced to the stresses of sports performance. You can help your athlete by making your home a stress-free environment and offering your emotional support. If you think your child is becoming unhealthy stressed, address the problem with their coach to determine the next best steps to reduce their anxiety.

5. Rest. Never underestimate the power of rest, whether that is a nap, a day off from practice or a short term break from the sport. Burnout is a very common problem with young athletes so it is important to foster a nurturing relationship with your athlete so they feel comfortable approaching you if they need a break.
Following these tips will help ensure that your athlete will have a long-lasting career and positive experience in sports for years to come.

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