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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Enter to win a $100 Grocery Gift Card Giveaway for Ralphs and Krogers

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Ralphs_Fuel_Logo gift card giveaway

Is it just me or do the price of groceries and gas never seem to go down?

With the kids home this summer, we are going through food SO fast and with all the driving, the gas tank seems to be emptying faster as well!

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  1. We use coupons and store rewards cards to save money on groceries.

  2. I like to us coupons. Saves me a lot of money!!

  3. Stock up when things are on sale!

  4. Coupons and sales help, I also menu plan around sale items to make sure we use all ingredients.

  5. I plan our meals around what’s on sale that week. I also use coupons.

  6. I use coupons and shop items on sale

  7. I use coupons and watch the sale papers and then stock up!

  8. I use lots of coupons to save.

  9. I use tons of coupons and look for the yellow markdown stickers in meat, produce, and bakery sections, as well as the clearance section in the back. I combine coupons with manufacturers sales and store sales, and make sure to upload store coupons to my ralphs card.

  10. I shop by the weekly ad and only buy sale items.

  11. We use coupons and shop on sales

  12. I love Ralph it’s my
    number 1 store I like the rewarding get each month also good morning ladie.

  13. Coupons and advertise specials

  14. Sale ads, coupons, buy max packs of meat!

  15. I use coupons and shop sales

  16. Shop sales and coupons

  17. we save by using the circulars for sale items , couponing and looking for reduced items at the store. Our one store usually has a dedicated section for old items etc that are reduced.

  18. i don’t get to shop at regular grocery stores, i go to food pantry’s once or twice a month to have food to eat.

  19. I shop promariy at Ralph’s for groceries. I use my Rewards card and coupons for maximum savings.

  20. Try to buy the produce that is on sale.

  21. Always look for the sale items and even buy two or three of things if I don’t need them….

  22. I buy items when they are on sale and us coupons whenever I can.

  23. I use coupons and get whatever is on sale!

  24. Coupons!

  25. I stack my coupons on top of sale items to get an even better deal!

  26. I use store coupons and also have a discount store card.

  27. Coupons

  28. Sale items, plan ahead lots of coupons & also, I dont shop while hungry..

  29. I buy things on sale.

  30. I Save By Shopping For Deals And Using Coupons.

  31. I shop sales and use coupons

  32. I combine coupons and sales to save money.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  33. By using coupons, sales ads, store discount cards

  34. Plan our meals around what is on sale and what coupons I have.

  35. Coupons and sale items!

  36. i buy items that can be frozen and unthawed for later fixings. These items are reduced for quick sale and then i use couopons

  37. By using coupons and rewards cards

  38. I use Ralph’s rewards card and coupons!

  39. i download ralph’s once a week freebies to my card

  40. I clip coupons and shop the sales!

  41. I save on groceries with coupons .

  42. I use a lot of coupons

  43. I try to buy things on sale and use coupons.

  44. Coupons, sales, stick to my list, and ask for price matching.

  45. I look for what is on sale and use coupons.

  46. We plan our meals around what is on sale, not what we want to eat. Plus we use coupons and rebates when possible.

  47. I look at in store deals and use coupons and when I see something at a really good price that we use a lot I buy more than one.

  48. I meal plan around what’s on sale and use coupons whenever I can.

  49. I use coupons.

  50. I do a lot of comparison shopping at the store. I used to use a lot of coupons but got tired of clipping them and trying to remember to bring them with me, so I find in-store deals a lot more useful.

  51. this would be a great win

  52. I clip lots of coupons.

  53. I save money by buying items on sale and matching those items with a coupon!

  54. I use coupons and watch for sales
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  55. I use coupons

  56. I save on groceries by trying to plan my menus around what is on sale that week.

  57. I save by taking advantage of sales and coupons.

  58. Matching coupons with sale prices!

  59. I use lots of coupons and I try to stock up when items are on sale.

  60. I shop the ads and use coupons.

  61. I combine coupons with the weekly sales at Kroger.

  62. I use coupons and a kroger savings card.

  63. I hate grocery shopping

  64. I wait for sales to stock up.

  65. I use coupons when the items are on sale.

  66. i watch sales and use coupons regularlly

  67. Couponing and buying what is on sale.

  68. I use coupons, store rewards, and stock up on items when I find them really cheap.

  69. We coupon and look for items on sale.

  70. Coupons & shopping during sales. Also picking up manager specials.

  71. I try to stock up on thing that are on sale.

  72. use coupons an buy on sale

  73. I use both Ralph’s Rewards Card and coupons.

    Hope to win!

  74. Coupons and stockpile sale items

  75. By comparing prices at different stores, buying store brands and using coupons

  76. I always use a lots of coupons and shop the sales.

  77. I use coupons and my reward card

  78. I shop at Krogers so I use my Kroger card and coupons. I save coupons and use them when the items are on sale.

  79. Besides coupons, I regularly make sure I’ve checked off Kroger’s e-coupons.

  80. My favorite way to save when shopping is to check out the clearance section in the Meat Dept. I can usually find a great deal for dinner. Thanks

  81. I use coupons and buy things when they are on sale.

  82. I read the weekly circulars and stock up when things I use go on sale

  83. I use coupons to save money.
    I also search the grocery ads for deals.

  84. I browse the online ads each week and print lots of coupons to use.

  85. Coupons and eating leftovers

  86. I use coupons and shop for BOGOs.

  87. I combine sales with coupons.

  88. My wife always checks the ads and cuts coupons when she can remember. We also always get our milk at Ruler Foods or somewhere that price matches.

  89. Weekly sales and coupons.

  90. try and find good deals online…or coupons!

  91. I use coupons and buy in bulk and repackage.

  92. Making a list beforehand to stick to

  93. Using coupons and perusing the store ads when I think to 🙂

  94. i shop with coupons and wait for sales.

  95. I save my stocking up when items are on sale!

  96. use coupons

  97. I only buy what I can eat and shop sales

  98. I shop sales and use coupons.

  99. I coupon to save money on groceries.

  100. I save on groceries by using printable coupons, e-coupons on my store saver card and by watching store sales and using coupons from their ads 🙂

  101. I always shop the clearance basket or shelf first, and then I check the marked down meat and build a menu from there.

  102. I buy bulk products for the freezer.

  103. I use coupons and shop sales

  104. I use coupons with the Kroger card, and try to stock up when things are on sale.

  105. i load my kroger card and use coupons too

  106. keep to a list, only buy things on sale or/and have coupons

  107. I use coupons and look for sales

  108. I watch for sales and use coupons

  109. I only buy certain things on sale and use lots of coupons.

  110. Coupons and promotions.

  111. Coupons and lots of planning.

  112. use circulars, comparison shop

  113. I do what most people do – use coupons on sale items.

  114. I use coupons and also download them to my shoppers card.

  115. I use coupons and store reward cards. I stock up when things are on sale.

  116. I save by stocking up when I find a good deal and by using coupons.

  117. I buy all of my food for the month in one trip using coupons/special offers/sales. I prepare and cook all of the food for the month and freeze. Everything is either microwavable or you can cook it in the crock pot.

  118. I buy in bulk whenever I can, and plan and freeze meals ahead of time. Saves me both time and money!

  119. By using coupons and price matching

  120. By combining sales, coupons and store deals
    Thank you

  121. i use coupons

  122. I read the weekly circular and always use coupons.

  123. I uae coupons and courtesy cards.

  124. I check for things on sale and use coupons

  125. I use coupons and buy store brands.

  126. I look for coupons and hunt for cheap quality meals.

  127. My husband is laid off so we use coupons and store reward programs to save money on groceries!

  128. Coupons and checking the sale ads.

  129. I use copouns

  130. I coupon! I always save with the coupons

  131. We shop sales and with coupons.

  132. I plan my weekly meals by choosing items that are on sale and I always use coupons and my kroger card.

  133. I buy in bulk as well as get store brand items when I can.

  134. Digital coupons, store loyalty cards, shop what is on sale.

  135. Family of 8, love to use coupons!!!

  136. we use lots of coupons and take advantage of sales

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  137. I combine our rewards card with coupons and sales.

  138. Combine coupons with sales
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  139. I use coupons.

  140. I use coupons and save them until the item goes on sale. 🙂 Thank you.

  141. coupons and buy no-name brands

  142. I shop with coupons and buy and stock up on specials…

  143. I always use coupons.

  144. I use coupons.

  145. I buy when they’re on sale, when they are discounted because they are ready to expire, & buy at the scratch & dent store.

  146. Lots of coupons and I load up on the good sales !!

  147. My winning strategy is tagging along with my sister when she grocery shops! She knows how to coupon!

  148. I sue coupons and plan meals around the advertised sales that week.

  149. by buying things on sale

  150. I stock up on things that are on sale and use coupons!

  151. I use coupons when ever I can

  152. I use coupons and stock up when they have a good sale

  153. Buying in bulk and using coupons.

  154. I save on groceries mainly by using coupons

  155. I save on groceries by using coupons and combining them with sales!

  156. I use coupons and stock up on sales.

  157. I stock up at the lowest possible prices and look for manager specials.

  158. I clip coupons and buy what is on sale.

  159. I make a list, check specials, use coupons and usually shop only once a month.

  160. yes, i use coupons!

  161. i get the lowest price on products

  162. i use coupons

  163. Coupons with sales

  164. I combine coupons with sale prices

  165. By going to various stores, depending on their weekly sales.

  166. coupons and ad matches

  167. we save with double coupon events

  168. I look for the marked down items that are soon to expire and then freeze them 🙂

  169. using coupons and look for sales

  170. I look at sale flyers weekly, match mfr and store coupons.

  171. Using coupons and watching for store sales.

  172. I use lots of coupons!!

  173. coupons, sales, splitting cost on bulk purchases. you name it I do it, every cent counts and helps!

  174. I combine coupons with sales. I also have a freezer to stock up on good buys.

  175. I save on groceries by using coupons, match coupons with sales, and take advantage of other stores promotions offered.

  176. coupons and sale items

  177. I save by clipping coupons and shopping sales.

  178. I look for brands that are cheaper, rather than sticking with just one brand.. I also look at the unit price on the sticker at the store to make sure it is a better deal. I also look for discounts and coupons to use for the items I regularly purchase.

  179. i save on groceries by stacking coupons with advertised sales.

  180. Coupons

  181. I use coupons and get sale emails so I know where to shop

  182. I save by growing my veggies in my own garden.

  183. Coupons and price match

  184. I use coupoms, shop sales at several stores and buy good buys in bulk.

  185. i save by buying off brands

  186. I use coupons!

  187. i use coupons

  188. I use coupons and only buy stuff on sale.

  189. I use coupons and I buy sale items.

  190. I coupon when I can, buy in advance when I can when there are big sales.

  191. By using coupons and buying things on sale in bulk

  192. I shop with coupons.

  193. I use coupons and stock up during sales

  194. I use coupons and love to shop sales!

  195. Thanks for the giveaway… we check for manufacturers coupons online & in the newspaper; members of Kroger affinity card, download coupons to card…keeps eyes open for sales !

  196. I save on groceries by using coupons.

  197. I use coupons, watch for advertised specials, and also buy generic.

  198. To save money on groceries I buy what’s on sale and use all the coupons I can find! Helps a lot 🙂

  199. I buy clearance items and stock up during store sales

  200. I use coupons and shop sales.

  201. I try to use coupons as much as possible.

  202. I try to stock up on items when they’re on sale!

  203. Using coupons

  204. I save on groceries by using coupons, buying items on sale and buying store brands occasionally.

    [email protected]

  205. I shop with coupons

  206. I buy in bulk!

  207. I always shop with a list geared to this weeks grocery ads. Buy seasonally. Never go to the store hungry.
    Thanks for the contest.

  208. subscribe email: slehan at myway dot com

  209. Who’s the happy winner? 🙂

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