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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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The 12 Fun Things to Do in Anaheim

Anaheim is a wonderful place to visit in California. It has everything one can dream of – amazing weather, outdoor and indoor experiences, and exquisite food. It is a wonderful destination for vacation or weekend getaway. 

And it is suitable for tourists of all ages as it has a lot to offer to everyone. Students love to come here for a spring break and experience vibrant city life and various attractions. Here they can finally relax in the sun and rest from endless college assignments, lectures, projects, and seminars. 

There are many budget-friendly options here when it comes to eating out and accommodation, which is also a great benefit for students. So it is time to start planning what to see. Planning and organization might take time, which is not something students have in abundance. However, there is always a way out. 

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Disney Experiences

Disneyland is one of the main reasons many people come to Anaheim. It is a well-known attraction with world-class experiences. That’s why it is the first on the list. Here, Disney offers several things, namely: 

  • Disneyland Resort; 
  • Disneyland Park; 
  • Disney California Adventure Park; 
  • Downtown Disney District. 

There are two theme parks, 3 hotels, and many themed entertainment places. Only those parts can take a couple of days to explore. You can meet heroes from your favorite movies, like Star Wars, Avengers, or the Black Panther, while taking a stroll. 

The downtown district offers an amazing shopping experience and entertainment as well. 

Center City

There is no better way to get to know the city than stroll the center for a bit. Here is where you can experience the culture and life of Anaheim with live music performances and various restaurants. It is very lively here with lots of tourists and locals. 

Also, many events are happening here all year round, from farmer’s markets to open mic nights. 

Craft Beer

Those who love craft beers will be excited to visit one or several of the breweries here. You can start with Anaheim Brewery. It is a very laid-back place where you can relax with friends; enjoy great beer, and just talk. There are no TV screens here. And it is possible to buy beverages and kegs for your student movie party or just a great night in. 

The next stop is Bruery Terreux which offers traditional tastes and modern twists on craft beer.

Flight Simulation 

If you’ve always wanted to fly a plane, this might be a great attraction for you. Flightdeck flight simulator center uses modern technology to provide an excellent experience in that. You do not need to be a pilot to have this kind of fun. 

Of course, the flights are simulated. But they are extremely realistic. And simulation means it is completely safe and open to anyone. You can choose to pilot huge crafts like the Boeing 737 or try your skills with a fighter jet. 

Angel Stadium 

Anaheim is also known for sports, so if it is in your area of interest, you have to visit Angel Stadium. It is the home of the Los Angeles Angels. And the amazing California weather means almost zero risk of rain, so it is going to be quite comfortable. 

It is one of the last dual-purpose stadiums in the United States. There is also the Angels’ shop here as well as huge murals with legendary players. 

Oak Canyon Center

Those who prefer nature sights to busy streets and stadiums will love Oak Canyon Center. If hiking is your daily coffee substitute, it is the place to go. Or maybe you just want a little break from crowded shops. 

The park has a decent territory of 58 acres and a lot of wildlife. There are plenty of hiking trails alongside the rich flora. The whole area is a marvelous combination of canyon views and woodlands. There is also a picnic place, a camp for kids, and a small museum. 

Yorba Regional Park

It is another amazing location for nature lovers that prefer to just chill. It is pretty secluded from the noisy streets and offers great leisure time in the California sun. 

It is a city park with plenty of wildlife, bike paths, walking trails, volleyball nets, and picnic sites. Overall, a wonderful and completely free location to get some fresh air and relax.

Packing District 

This is another well-known location that attracts lots of travelers. Here one can stroll the Farmers’ Park, see 2 historical landmarks, and, of course, enjoy the unique culinary experiences this place is known for. 

Anaheim Packing Food Hall is the one to go. It is modern, slick, and stylish. So, it has a great variety of foods served.

The next stop is Packing House, with plenty of restaurants and shops. It was established in 1919 and combined history and modernity is a fascinating fusion.

Overall, the district is extremely vibrant, with various sections, each having an original atmosphere. 

Founders’ Park 

Students that are more into history might like this one. It is an interesting historical stroll that allows witnessing the beginning of the city. 

You can see one of the first houses in Anaheim here – the Mother Colony House (1857). Other houses here are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

It is a great place to cherish the history and the culture of the city and where it has started. 

Knott’s Berry Farm

This is another theme park. Of course, it is less notorious than Disneyland. However, it is a decent competitor still. It is cheaper and less crowded. Here are some astonishing thrill rides as well as live shows and daily concerts. 

There is the American West museum and Sky Cabin with one-of-the-kind views. 

House of Blues

It is one of the great venues and restaurant places in the city. Here one can enjoy a delicious meal or visit live concerts. The establishment houses all kinds of events, from touring band shows to stand up comedy acts and karaoke nights. 

Keep in mind that it is better to make reservations beforehand as it is quite a popular place. The bar here has a wonderful selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. 

Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

To incorporate art, culture, and history in your trip to the city, add this museum to the list. And it is free, which is always a plus for students. 

The exhibits here are often changed and renewed. One can have a glance at original antiques, some dating back to Ancient Egypt. Do not worry; there are local historical relics too. 

In Summary 

Anaheim offers all kinds of entertainment, from restaurants and museums to theme parks and flight simulators. Travelers of all interests and ages can find something fun here. One can explore nature, enjoy attractions, cherish history, or have fun at a concert. 


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