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What Is An 18-Wheeler Accident And How To Defend Your Rights In This Case

An 18-wheeler accident is a serious event. These accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and even property damage. This blog post will discuss what an 18-wheeler accident is, how they happen, who may be liable for damages following one of these incidents, and how to defend your rights in this case.


Call An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

By calling a lawyer as soon as possible after an 18 wheeler accident occurs, you will be better prepared to fight for your legal interests in court if need be. If you have been injured in a truck accident of this nature and need help filing personal injury claims or fighting for your rights when it comes to criminal charges related to 18 wheeler collisions, then call an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Houston who knows the ins and outs of these cases right away. They can talk with you about what happened during your crash and work closely with medical professionals whenever needed so that all evidence is collected throughout the process which could end up being beneficial later on down the road (like eyewitness statements from other people). You also do not want to forget that most lawyers offer free consultations where they will go over everything in detail after getting more information about each unique case at hand.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

18 Wheelers are often involved in very serious accidents, many of which cause injuries.  If you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, medical treatment must be sought right away. If there is any sign of pain, discomfort, ache, sickness, etc., then your health should be checked out by a doctor immediately after this type of crash. Even if there are no immediate signs that something might be wrong with you physically after this kind (or especially when), an injury can take place within 24 hours or even up to several days later on and will not always show itself until long after the accident has already happened. This is why it is critical to get medical attention as soon as possible, even if you feel fine after the accident itself occurs.

Call the Police

You must contact the police as soon as an accident of this nature occurs. The reason for this is because if a semi-truck was involved in the crash, then it means there will be a commercial vehicle accident report filed with them which includes information about what exactly happened during the incident. For example, they may notice evidence on your cars such as skid marks or signs of braking and determine from those clues whether or not you were speeding up right before the impact occurred. They can also look at tire tracks left behind by both vehicles to see how fast one (or both) might have been going and so forth. This type of precise information could help prove who was ultimately at fault for causing the 18 wheeler wreck in court cases down the road.

Therefore, calling the police right after an accident of this nature occurs will ensure that much more information is obtained about exactly what happened during the crash itself which can help you better protect your rights in court later on down the road if need be. Police officers are also trained to ask questions and investigate specific details surrounding these types of accidents at crime scenes (or they may ask for guidance when doing so). They might even conclude from their investigation that no one was responsible for causing all of this damage or injury, which opens up possibilities like lawsuit claims against certain parties who were negligent instead (for example) – something else that could end up helping victims protect their legal interests in 18 wheeler collision cases.

Gather Evidence

Many different types of evidence can be collected and used in court cases. This is true whether the case involves criminal charges against someone who has been accused of a crime or personal injury claims where victims are fighting for compensation from negligent parties involved with their accident.

One type of evidence that could end up being helpful to you is eyewitness statements made by anyone else who was there when this sort-of thing happened – including any witnesses on the other side (like truck drivers themselves). Another piece of information it might be worth collecting will come straight from your mouth, as well. If possible, record yourself speaking about what happened right after the crash occurs using either video or audio recording equipment so that everything can later be played back for others if need be.


In conclusion, an 18-wheeler accident is a serious incident that can cause major damage to you and your loved ones. To defend against the legal pursuit of compensation from those at fault for these accidents, it’s important to know what steps to take. If you’ve been involved in one of these incidents as either the victim or defendant, you should consult with a lawyer immediately.

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