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2 Ways to Pack Your Car for Your Next Road Trip

One of the best ways to vacation is to road trip. You can go on a road trip by yourself or with family or friends, but no matter who your company is, you’re going to have a great time. One of the most stressful parts of road tripping is packing. For road trips, you not only have to think about how to pack your bags well but also how to fit all your bags and boxes into your car, which is a whole separate ordeal. Thankfully, we are here today to show you two ways to pack your car for your next road trip. We have all the tips for you, from rolling your favorite pairs of travel pants for women instead of folding them to using up every nook and cranny in your car and everything in between. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of packing for your next road trip. 

1. Pack Smart 

Packing smart means being intentional about what you’re packing, only bringing what is needed and beneficial and not simply throwing anything you see into your car. By packing smart, you can bring along every item you need for your road trip and also avoid the stress of having an overpacked car. Now, let’s see what it means practically to pack smart for your next road trip. 

Make a List 

Your top priority should be to make a packing list. When you physically write down a list of all the items you need, you can, firstly, have the peace of knowing you’ve packed everything you needed and didn’t forget anything and, secondly, know that you packed only what you needed. Making a list helps you avoid bringing unnecessary items that will only make your road trip more stressful. 

Roll, Don’t Fold 

A simple way to pack smarter for your next road trip is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Let’s say you’ve packed several pairs of travel pants for women, which are a road trip necessity. By rolling your travel pants for women and placing them in your bag, you can easily see which ones you brought and take out a pair without disrupting your other clothing items surrounding it. On the other hand, if you folded your clothes, you’d only be able to see the two or three pairs of travel pants for women you kept at the top of the stack and have to manually search through the stack to find what you’re looking for. Rolling is, without a doubt, the better method of packing clothes for road trips. 

Make Sure the Things You’ll Need are Accessible 

The third tip for packing smart on your next road trip is to make sure the things you’ll need the most on your road trip, or the things you will be taking out of the car or opening the most often, are in easily accessible areas. The overnight bag you bring with you into hotels shouldn’t be at the bottom of a pile of bags; rather, they should be at the top, and removing it shouldn’t disrupt the positioning of the other bags. Before your trip, think about what should be in easily accessible areas, and stick to that plan.   

2. Pack Organized 

Packing smart is a great way to pack your car for your next road trip, but sometimes it’s a better idea to pack organized, especially if packing light isn’t a feasible option for you. Maybe you are going with your whole family and need to pack a lot of items for safety and backup reasons. Whatever your reason, packing in an organized manner is possible, and the following tips will help you achieve an organized car. 

Compression Bags 

Compression bags will allow you to pack so much more in a smaller amount of space. Use compression bags for big, bulky items like puffy jackets. By using a compression bag, you can decrease the amount of space these items take up and use the space wisely to pack other things that are needed. 

Fill Every Single Nook and Cranny 

You may have never realized that there are so many spots in your car that can be used to store things, such as the pockets behind the front seats, the cupholders on the doors, and the space under the front seats. Take advantage of every available space to make your road trip more comfortable and allow you to bring everything you need. 


We hope you found these two ways to pack your car helpful. If you plan on going on a road trip soon, we recommend checking out Paskho’s travel pants. They have options for travel pants for women or men, so if you’re about to hit the road, hit the Paskho online shop first to ensure you have the most comfortable road trip experience of your life. We can’t wait to see where next your adventure takes you.

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