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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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2016 OC Fair Ticket Giveaway

OC Fair 1

It is time for our favorite summer event to start – The OC Fair! Our family has created some of our favorite summer memories at the OC Fair, and we can’t wait to create more memories again this year.

OC Fair 8

The 2016 OC Fair will happen from July 15th through August 14th, and will be bigger and better than ever. There will be thrilling rides, delicious fair food, and activities galore. Families will need to visit the OC Fair multiple times to experience everything that the family event has to offer.

OC Fair 2

The OC Fair hours are Wednesday through Friday from noon to midnight, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to midnight, and is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Tickets are $10 (general), $7 Senior (6+), $7 Youth (6-12), and children under the age of five are complimentary.

OC Fair 4

If your family is a foodie family, then you’ll want to come on Thursdays from noon to 4 pm to take advantage of the $2 Taste of Fair Food days. There are also multiple discounts and deals this year to make visiting the fair affordable for all families.

We can’t wait to see you this year at the 2016 OC Fair!

OC Fair Giveaway

GIVEAWAY!! Enter to win an OC Fair Prize Package!!

OC Fair Prize Packet Details:
2 General Admission Tickets
2 Carnival Ride Cards (3 Free Rides Per Card)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Details:

  • Parking is $10 (cash only) and is not included with the giveaway.
  • Each carnival ride card is valid for three rides or games in either the Main or Kiddie Carnivals.
  • Ride Cards are not valid for food or drinks.
  • Admission and/or ride cards do not have to be used on the same day.
  • Prize must be redeemed during the 2016 OC Fair.
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  1. I can’t wait to go to the OC Fair. I think it’s been over 5 years since the last time that I went. So, I’m excited about attending this year’s OC Fair with some friends. I also look forward to the rides and food.

  2. My favorite memory is touching a pig for the first time!

  3. Biggest moment of mine and my husbands was 11 years ago at the fair enjoying ourselves with friends, eating lots of yummy food that we were going to be home owners to our very first house and we still live in the same home. It also my husbands dearest godfathers birthday who is our angel I. Heaven)
    The greatest day to remember and we always go to the OC fair we look forward to it every year. Now it’s time sharing them with our two boys.

  4. every year my husband and i take photo booth pictures and after years of trying to have a baby last year we finally got to include our daughter in the picture….i will cherish those pics forever!

  5. I went as a kid and bought a foam lizard on a wire leash. It was my favorite toy!

  6. We are from Texas and used to LOVE the Texas State Fair, and now that we are living in the beautiful and amazing OC, we would LOVE to make NEW MEMORIES to last a lifetime! A new tradition of attending the OC Fair every single year and to document it with photos as our kids grow up… priceless! Thank you!

  7. the foods

  8. I love the fair! Brings me back to my childhood and now I bring my own kids every year!

  9. the fun contests. we did those as kids.

  10. One of my favorite memories is of the times I would go to the fair with the youth group I work with. They kids loved seeing the animals and it was great to spend time with the other adults that I work with in a relaxing place like that.

  11. always the animals and food

  12. Love the kids’ tractor pull. 🙂

  13. Love this!

  14. I loved taking the kids for their first time at the fair. They were so excited for everything. Can’t wait to take them again!

  15. I haven’t been to the fair in years.

  16. Date night at the OC fair is a favorite for us.

    Thanks for sharing all your awesome tips and hot spots!

  17. My sister and I go every year together, and try ALL the new fried food items and play games for tiny little toy prizes! 🙂 And always do the photo booth! So fun! I love seeing what’s new every year.

  18. Favorite memory is at the petting zoo. A goat cornered our daughter and as she backed up she fell in their water buvket! She us now a vet and still afraid of goats.

  19. Watching my daughter in awe of all the rides,& hoping she’s big enough to ride them.

  20. Food, fun, and family time. Love seeing the smile on my son’s face.

  21. I’ve only been to the LA county fair- I danced onstage something like 10 times! I would love to take my daughter to the fair for the first time this summer (she’s one year old)

  22. My favorite fair memory was taking my son for the first time. I’ve gone since I was a young girl and to share that with him was awesome.

  23. The most memorable,greatest memory would be the whole experience for me honestly. I’ve gone twice so far. The first time I went, my mom surprised me with a ticket for me and my son and told me to take their car. I was blown away because my day completely changed from just pulling weeds. He was so small that he got lost after running away from me. It was scary but security was amazing in finding him. Last year my bf took us and it was one of the first times I felt like both of these guys were going to be OK with each other forever.

  24. My favorite memory at OC fair is when my kiddos were petting the farm animals at the petting zoo, that was awesome and they loved it!

  25. Love, Love, Love the OC fair! Sooo many favorite memories. I especially loved visiting the fair the night before I gave birth to my son. Hugely pregnant, we saw Alton Brown discuss the magic of food, nibbled on goodies, and visited the piglets with my toddler daughter.

  26. Love this blog! Excited about the giveaway!

  27. Love the fair. Spending time with my family making memories is a great way to spend the summer.

  28. We love the OC fair! My kids really look forward to seeing the giant steer each year.

  29. Can’t wait for the fair this year. My youngest is old enough to go on rides and really have fun which will make it a lot more fun for my oldest!!!

  30. All the food!

  31. My favorite moment from the OC Fair is eating the deep fried foods. My favorite is the Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Charlie Chicken.

  32. My favorite OC Fair moments are fried foods, artistically impressive exhibits, wine tasting, and hypnotist show!

  33. Favorite memory: Watching the jumpers on bungee ride and remembering that I was sanding there 5 years ago with my family. We go every year.

  34. I never been to OC Fair but plan to go with family.

  35. PIG RACING !

  36. We love the OC fair!

  37. the oc fair is our annual tradition….we have to take pics in the photobooth! =D

  38. My daughter loves the pony rides!

  39. My favorite memories are attending the concerts at the OC fair.

  40. I only went to the fair once as an adult…I now have 3 kids and would love to take them to see the animals and the rides!

  41. my favorite memory at the OC fair was trying all of the different fried foods!!!!!!

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