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3 New Tech Tools and Gadgets To Embrace In 2021

Well, you made it….you survived 2020! Doesn’t it feel like we should get t-shirts commemorating this fact? For moms and parents who had to juggle the incredible stress of running a sustainable household, caring for kids home from school while also working remotely and dealing with the psychological stress of a pandemic, this feels well-deserved. But alas, the best reward is a job well done.

However, as 2021 rolls into, it’s time to set our sights on bigger prizes: new gadgets, tech upgrades, and, most important of all, new skills. 

As the world grows continuously into a high-tech haven of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovation, each year seems to bring a new raft of cool inventions and gadgets. The average person – especially your everyday mom or dad – cannot possibly try out and learn all of these new tools. 

That’s where we come in….to provide a quick list/overview of new tech tools that will actually help you. In today’s world, time is money and energy is capital – you don’t want to waste either learning to use some device that turns out to be a bust.

21st-century stereo systems

Let’s start simple with a recreational gadget that can bolster your home entertainment needs. There are countless music systems on the market these days but the new modern, vintage-inspired turntable record players allow you to play CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records, as well as any Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also use a phono stage (or preamplifier) to connect any external powered speakers. 

This device will be equally loved by traditionalists and audiophiles who want top-notch materials and parts (for example, tonearms, cartridges, styluses, 3-speed belt driven turntables, etc.) to ensure the vintage analog sound of records and the crisp high-fidelity output of modern digital streaming devices. 

Turntable record players not only offer commensurate sound quality but they come in a wide variety of stylish designs that can match any room’s aesthetic or decorative scheme. 

Smart home innovations

‘Smart home’ sounds intimidating to most people, especially when you think about your kids running around a house whose functions are controlled by algorithms. But the truth is smart home technology has grown considerably in the last few years and new crucial upgrades sweep through the industry every year.

A smart home suite offered by one of many providers can now allow you to remotely control and monitor every room of your house and every utility and function, including the temperature, the air quality, the Wi-Fi, and even home security devices that provide real-time surveillance that links up automatically with law enforcement if the threat of a burglar or other criminal arises. 

In years past, we might have shied away from smart home technology for fear of spending too much money on a system we don’t fully understand. But it has become clear that smart home tech is the future of not only home maintenance but also home security. We might as well get in now while the robots are still somewhat friendly.

Consumer drones

This is another example of a technology we may have eschewed in years past. But the prices on consumer drones have fallen in recent years while the technology has improved, rendering this gadget a solid and fun way to bring in 2021. A majority of movies now regularly use drones for their cinematography and the reason for that is simple: it’s cheap and allows you to get shots that would otherwise be impossible or absurdly expensive. 

Drones remind us of growing up with remote-controlled cars. It was thrilling to watch them disappear into the distance while we were still controlling them. These days, our kids can experience the next phase of such fun, directing an electronic bird capable of flying for miles while transmitting high-quality video. 

If your kid is even the least bit interested in technology, visual arts, robotics, or aerodynamics, this is a wonderful way to spur their imagination while also treating the whole family to a taste of the future.

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