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3 Practical Options To Ensure You Deal With the Kiddie Commute

It takes a lot of effort to look after yourself when you are a busy parent. There will be times when your children are not listening, or there are parts of the treadmill of life that can be too much to bear sometimes. For example, the commute is a very emotional environment at times. You could have children making lots of noise when you are trying to focus on the road, and this, combined with ongoing traffic problems, roadworks, and everything in between, can start the day on the wrong foot. This is why we’ve got to know how to make commuting an easier part of our lives.

Reducing Distractions

Any car accident lawyer consultation will highlight just how much of a danger distracted driving is. In order for you to function at your best behind the wheel, you need to reduce distractions, and this could mean providing entertainment for the children, but it could also mean telling them that you need to focus on the road. As parents, we don’t want to feel overwhelmed and get to the point where we are raising our voices at our children, but we’ve also got to understand that this is part of our daily routines that require supreme focus. Reducing distractions by giving them entertainment will help, but this can be the opportunity to give our children the right type of entertainment to keep them focused. Rather than giving them an iPad, give them a pencil and paper so they can draw or join in a game of I Spy.

Starting the Routine ASAP!

Sometimes getting out of the door on time is the main issue, and this can easily set you up for a difficult commute. It’s about being organized and knowing what needs to be put in place so you can leave on time. This might mean you have to get up before the children, which means that you will have a better opportunity to ease into the day. When you start the routine as soon as possible, even if it is putting everything out the night before, you are winning the battle of the day.

Ensuring You Stay Calm

It can be one of those days when everything gets on top of you and it has not even begun! The most important thing you can do is to stay calm, and this means having the right routines in your life that can help you to feel calmer in yourself. Even if you are running late, the reality is that you need just 20 seconds for you to go into your quiet place and do some breathing, and this could be enough to ensure that you are able to deal with the commute ahead of you.

The commute is one of those things that, like it or not, has to be done, and when we understand what it takes to survive this, but also understand that we can use this as an opportunity to talk to our children,  we can start the day on the right foot. You may not see your children much apart from during this commute, so maybe you should make the most of it?


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