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3 Tips to Properly Wash and Take Care of Your Beddings

Having clean bedding is vital to your health and well-being, not only because it’s hygienic but also because it allows you to sleep and rest better. You may have noticed that you always tend to sleep better whenever you’ve just washed your sheets while using a mild detergent sheet, and that’s because your body and brain find it easier to destress in clean and hygienic environments.

Tips for Staying Healthy

This is also why clean spaces are intimately connected to mental health and peace. In this article, we’ll be going over three of the main tips that will help you wash and care for your beddings. Let’s get started. 

1. How Often You Should Wash Them

There are different kinds of materials that are part of your entire bedding so we’ll see how often each fabric has to be washed to make sure you have fresh and clean sheets all the time. Sheets and pillowcases need to be washed once a week. This is because they tend to become dirty quite soon as you use them every night for approximately 8 hours, during which your body will release sweat and oils which will dirty the sheets, even if you shower right before you hit the bed. 

With pillowcases, you will have to ensure you change them every week without fail as your pillow can also affect the health of your scalp and hair as well. Your scalp will release oils and your hair will likely contain dirt and dust particles after so make sure you never put off changing your pillowcases no matter what. 

As for washing a weighted mattress, quilts, and regular blankets, you can opt to do them once a month. You will also need to bear in mind that if you wash them as often as you wash your sheets you can end up ruining the blankets completely. Instead of washing them every week, you can opt to hang them out in the bright sun every weekend, as this will also make them feel pretty fresh and also get rid of any moisture if at all you happen to sweat a lot at night. 

As for your pillows, you only need to wash them once a year. But make sure you don’t bother putting it off longer because your pillows can get stained permanently if you leave them unwashed for too long. 

2. The Washing Procedure

For your sheets and pillowcases, you can simply wash them like your regular laundry unless specified otherwise. Make sure you also add fabric softener to make sure it smells like a dream when you go to bed at night. Additionally, dry it in direct sunlight if you can as this will make the fabric feel better and fresher. 

As for your blankets and quilts, you can get them cleaned professionally if they happen to be too large for your washer. However, they can also be washed at home normally if you happen to own smaller blankets. Just remember to use mild detergent as you don’t want to ruin the design on the quilts and blankets, and also avoid washing them yourself and get them dry-cleaned if they happen to have lace or other delicate fabrics attached to them. 

Your pillows can either be dry cleaned or machine washed depending on their type. Just be sure to wash them on a warm and sunny day to ensure they dry completely as they may develop fungus if you don’t dry them well. 

3. Finishing Touches

It’s always a great idea to iron your sheets and pillowcases before you store them or put them back on your bed again. This is because they’ll be extra crisp and fresh when you use them again. However, your blankets, quilts, and any other extra fabric of your bedding need not be ironed as heat can affect some kinds of quilts and blankets, especially if they have materials like wool and yarn.

By regularly washing your bedding by following the methods stated here, you’ll be able to keep them looking fresh and clean for many years to come!

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