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3 Tips On How To Stop Natural Hair Breakage and excessive shedding

Hair, like houseplants, needs proper sustenance or it may begin to exhibit indications of distress. Everyone wants their hair to be strong, glossy, beautiful, and healthy, therefore we typically take additional care to achieve this. Sometimes you don’t know what is causing your hair to break or shed excessively. To determine the source of the problem, it is critical to start at the beginning often with your hair regimen, water consumption, and dietary habits though there are other possible causes. When you consider your eating habits don’t do unhealthy diets as this can also limit hair growth. 

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Shedding is a natural occurrence that everyone goes through, as people lose 50 to 100 strands every day, but when it seems excessive, you may be experiencing hair loss. Hair breakage, on the other hand, does not always develop unless there is increasing stress that the hair is unable to bear which can become severe and potentially lead to hair loss. These three basic measures can help you decrease breakage or ideally eliminate hair loss, allowing you to achieve and maintain hair healthcare.

Reduce heat and chemicals

When your hair is harmed from physical or chemical breakage it means that you may have overmanipulated it. Consistently putting it through direct heat, chemical treatments, or even over coloring puts your hair under intense stress. Chemicals and heat damage the cuticles of your hair shaft. These can lead to damaging results that cause both breakage and shedding. The results are also reflected in the way that your hair looks which can be dull and brittle because holes have developed in your hair shaft. It is advised to either try to go more natural or if you want to continue, do it sparingly while using heat protectant at decreased heat. Likewise, when you want to color your hair give it some time if you have already colored it.     

Deep condition 

Deep conditioning is critical but it is also important that you don’t overdo it. This is because you are essentially putting in the necessary nourishment that your hair needs to promote hair growth and keep it healthy. Do it too much and you are essentially over stimulating it with nutrients that are not needed which can lead to additional breakage or hair fall. It is advised to deep condition your hair once every week or second week depending on how distressed it is for a specific amount of time. You should do a protein mask to minimize damage and if your hair is dry then a moisturizing mask will be beneficial so that your hair slowly gains that balance of protein and moisture back. To save on money many people have found natural ingredients that are already in their kitchen do wonders too.      

Consider your hairstyles

Your hairstyles can potentially be causing excessive damage. If you are tying your hair up a little too tight it can lead to increased shedding as they are breaking off at the roots on your scalp. Likewise, the tightness causes parts of your hair strand to break off creating shorter strands. It’s important to add trimming your ends in your hair routine when you see that it is needed to limit damage and promote hair growth



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