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3 Tips to Prevent Holiday Overeating


Besides virtuous thoughts of goodwill and good cheer that are imperatives during the holidays, there is, arguably, an even more overwhelming focus this time of year…food.

Our holiday meals are perfected with each detail and trim from the succulent meats, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, bread rolls, green beans—and don’t forget the pie.

For me, though, the holiday season can also be a downward spiral of overeating. I decided to check with my Weight Watchers Leader Susan Reese in Laguna Niguel for some tips to help prevent the frenzy of holiday overeating:

1. Take Some ‘Me Time.’ Take time to care for yourself in ways other than eating. Take a walk, bubble bath, or read a book.

2. Stay Nourished Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Before Eating. Fruits and vegetables slow down over eating, and give important macro and micro-nutrients.

3. Connect with Others. Surround yourself with those who are intentional about living a healthful lifestyle. Whether it at a Weight Watchers meeting, or with friends, positive support is a great way to help build community.

Interestingly, the biggest mistake Reese observes of her clients during the holidays is not allowing for festive indulgences. “If we don’t allow for treats now and then, we tend to overeat on the food that isn’t special, like store-bought cookies,” explains Reese.

So, this season—be intentional with your festive indulgences by taking time for yourself, and those you love. After all, isn’t that’s what the holiday is really about.

Kristal Zacharias is the mother of two beautiful, vivacious girls, and wife of a hunky husband who works in the action sports industry. For the past 15 years, Kristal has worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a professional communicator. Follow her journey at Clearly Kristal or on Facebook and Twitter.
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