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4 Essential Tips for Road Tripping with the Grandkids

It’s no secret that grandparents love spending time with the grandkids, but that often means a visit for a few hours or even an overnight stay here and there. So if you’re a grandparent who wants to plan more time with the kids this summer, then a road trip could be the perfect answer. Traveling with the grandkids is sure to be a fun and memorable experience for all, but there could be a couple of bumps in the road.

Here are four essential tips that grandparents will want to use when road tripping with the grandkids this summer.

What Vehicle Will You Be Using?

The first consideration is the vehicle you’ll be traveling in. You can certainly use your everyday car, or this may be the perfect time to take the plunge and invest in the RV you’ve always dreamed of. Traveling by RV takes things to the next level of comfort and space for the whole crew. You’ll also have everything you need at your fingertips. There’s no need to worry about finding family-friendly hotels along the way, which can be expensive; simply find an RV campground, and you’ll be set.

If you do purchase an RV, you’ll also need the correctly classed vehicle insurance. Some people don’t realize that RV insurance is different from your standard car/vehicle insurance. It includes more coverage since an RV is so much more than just a car in terms of value and what’s inside. Look for a policy that offers customization so you can find exactly what suits your wants and needs.

Let the Grandkids Be Involved in the Itinerary

Now it’s time to think about the itinerary. While you may have a rough idea of where you want to travel and what stops to make on the way, it’s also a good idea to have the grandkids involved. What do they want to do and see? Much of the itinerary will be based on how many days the road trip will last, as you might not be able to travel too far if it’s just a couple of days.

Plan for Plenty of Stops Along the Way

Traveling with kids also means you need to be mindful of giving them plenty of stops and breaks. Ideally, you want to stop every couple of hours so they can get out of the car, stretch their legs, get a change in scenery, and even burn off some energy. Stops can be at local attractions, restaurants, or designated rest stops for quick breaks.

Pack Road-Trip Friendly Snacks and Drinks

Kids are notorious for needing snacks every couple of hours, so you’ll want to be sure you pack car-friendly options. Choose snacks that are easy to eat in a car, low-mess, and high in protein and energy. You’ll want to avoid items that are high in sugar and low in nutrients.

If you want the road trip with the grandkids to be a huge success, these tips will be essential in your planning process.

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