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4 Facts To Understand The Truth About Truck Blind Spots

It’s not just the trucks themselves that are dangerous, but also their blind spots. The biggest danger for a truck driver is other vehicles on the road. It is essential for them to know what is going on around them at all times, and it’s important for other motorists to understand why there are limits in their field of vision. Here are some facts to understand blind spots – where they exist, how big they are, and more importantly how to avoid them. 

1)  Every Truck Has a Blind Zone

It’s not just a problem for trucks – all vehicles have them. Unfortunately, the larger the vehicle is, the bigger its blind spots will be. There are three main types of blind spots to look out for:

Right Side Blind Spot – This type of blind spot exists along the side of a truck. This is where the majority of blind spot accidents happen because it is mostly on-coming traffic that enters this area while passing by. If you are approaching a truck from behind while you’re in the right-side blind spot, you have about two seconds to steer clear before being sideswiped.

Left Side Blind Spot – This type of blind spot is harder to identify. If you are on the driver’s left side, it is easier for them to see you than if you’re approaching from their right side. The majority of drivers don’t take this into consideration when they pass a truck, and sometimes have accidents as a result.

Rear Blind Spots – These blind spots are underneath trucks. If a truck is going to turn right, the area underneath it will be completely blocked from view. Even if you have a small car, you can fit underneath these areas and get severely crushed by a truck. These should also make it easier for drivers behind to know to get out of the way.

2) Mirror Adjustment is Key for Trucks

Adjusting the position of mirrors can provide the best possible visibility for truck drivers on the road. The idea that mirrors can’t be adjusted to cover blind spots is largely one of the myths about truck blind spots since oftentimes they can be angled for an optimal view. Adjusting the mirrors before each shift is a fairly easy process to make sure they are creating the perfect view. Truck drivers should also install additional mirrors on their trucks for a wider field of view. They can also install a rear-view camera that provides an image on the dashboard.

3) What Are The Dangerous Zones?

Some of the most dangerous blind spots include the following:

Within Around 50 Feet – This is where a truck driver’s view is blocked by their vehicle. It happens mostly when drivers come from behind and either pass or change lanes suddenly. However, this is also a danger zone for small cars that suddenly appear in front of a truck when trying to enter a lane or merge into traffic.

Within Around 200 Feet – Drivers traveling in this area with their windows open might not be able to hear and/or see what is happening in the truck’s blind spot. Truck drivers can also have more difficulty hearing motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles on the road.

On Both Sides of the Truck – This is the most dangerous type of blind spot for truck drivers. Since it’s so difficult to be completely aware of everything in your surroundings, losing track of one area could lead to tragic accidents.


4) Motorcycles Can Be Impossible To See

Motorcyclists are very small, and that makes it easy for trucks to lose track of them. It’s easy for a driver to think that they have plenty of space in front or behind them when really there is nowhere motorcycles can’t go. There are certain motorcycles that are more obvious than others, but it’s always best to assume you aren’t visible until you actually see the truck move out of your way. This will ensure that you don’t get caught by a truck and/or make it difficult for the driver to see you.

Blind spots are a major concern for truck drivers since they can’t be aware of everyone and everything around them. It is essential that they know what is going on around them, and it is also necessary for all other motorists to understand the limitations of a truck’s blind spots. The facts that this article has provided you with will help you understand the truth about truck blind spots and hopefully make you a more aware driver.

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