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4 Hazards and Challenges of the Teaching Profession

Many people go into the teaching profession because of the rewards of helping a child discover who they really are and what they’re really good at; that’s something that not any other job can boast about. It’s one of the reasons many people enter the teaching profession.

Despite this, however, the profession does come with a few hazards that make the profession less than attractive, especially with the current atmosphere of society. If you’re thinking about getting into teaching, here are four of the most common hazards that you should keep an eye out for.

The Threat of False Accusations

It’s the last thing any reputable teacher would want to happen to them. Those who have been unfortunate enough to have a false accusation made against them have ended up leaving the teaching career altogether.

You can protect yourself by documenting problematic interactions with your students, and to ensure that you’re never alone in a room with a student so that you have other witnesses to corroborate the evidence. Also, consider hiring a sex crime attorney to help you ensure that you have all of your legal bases covered.

Dealing With Illnesses

When you teach all day with children, you’re bound to get sick at some point. Children spread germs very quickly and very easily, and you’re not immune to them. Even if you wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, germs find a way. And when you get sick, you have very little room to miss a day of class, if your work even lets you take a few days off to get better.

But physical illness isn’t the only thing to look out for; badly-behaved students can also cause negative changes in mental health as well, leading to bouts of depression and anxiety that many teachers don’t get a lot of help with. It wouldn’t hurt to have a therapist to help you take care of your mental health as well.

Dealing With Violence

When students become violent with each other, teachers and professionals get involved to help remedy the situation. But what isn’t talked about at all is when students become violent with teachers. Teachers face many physical assaults, as well as being verbally threatened with violence, but not much action is taken against these students. Learn some de-escalation techniques and document any threats a student makes to you, no matter how subtle it is.

Recovering From Burnout

Even the most enthusiastic teachers are going to feel burnout at some point, from students who won’t behave, to parents who don’t care, to administrators who don’t do anything to make the teaching experience more pleasant. On top of that, there’s the added pressure of achieving standardized test scores, having to buy your own class resources, and having to take work home on occasion that can end up breaking a teacher’s back.

Exercising a good self-care routine can help you to get through a school year, as well as having other remedies in place to ensure that you’re covered and well taken care of.

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