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4 Home Upgrades That’ll Impress the OC Neighbors

When you live in the OC, there’s a lot of salacious gossip and a few genuine opinions being shared. Any neighbors that double up as great friends or even have a little competitive rivalry on the home front will be comparing homes and features to theirs. So, if you’re interested in keeping negative opinions away from your earshot, it’s sensible to upgrade your home when there’s a good reason to do so. Here are four home upgrades that’ll impress the neighbors for sure.

Install a Deck

When thinking about having a deck installed, you may want to think about the cost. Certainly, we can all agree that it won’t come at a fixed cost because every deck design is different. This page from Outdoor Living Inc. answers the question: how much does a deck cost.

Decking provides the opportunity to socialize with friends more often and use good weather to your advantage. The costs vary depending on the decking materials, the size and shape of it, and any added features beyond the basic setup. So, getting clear on what you’re wanting is best to achieve the desired outcome for your outdoor space.

Redo the Hardwood Flooring

Older hardwood floors have picked up scuff marks and scratches galore with people having walked over them with their shoes or boots on. While this won’t make much of a dent initially, over the years, they can become sufficiently marked up that they begin to look quite tatty.

While putting down a rug or two to cover up the worst areas can be a solution in the short term, eventually, it becomes impossible to do that everywhere. At which point, it’s necessary to redo the hardwood flooring. Sanding it down and refinishing it is quite involved, but it’s rewarding once completed, and it’ll be a talking point.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

An outdoor jacuzzi is a luxury item that can be shared with friends who come over, or it can be reserved for you and your partner. Either way, it’s something that can increase your enjoyment of the outdoors differently while easing away the stress of the day. There are therapeutic benefits to using a jacuzzi too. Relaxing the muscles, taking the strain off, and calming the mind work wonders after a long day in the office.

Replace the Windows

When your OC home looks good from the exterior, but the windows let everything down, it may be time to address that issue. Are the window frames cracked or is a window damaged in a minor way? Or are the windows seemingly from another era and don’t fit in with the modern appearance? Thinking this through carefully will tell you whether the windows need a complete replaced set or it’s more minor cosmetic work, replacing a single cracked windowpane, and other touches that are required.

There is always plenty to do at home. However, major upgrades that feel good and deliver some sizzle to keep any talkative neighbors at bay is another matter entirely. Choose selectively from the suggestions above to get the home upgrades ready in time for summer.

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