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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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4 Indoor Educational Projects for a Rainy Day


Kids love to spend time playing outside. However, even Orange County has a few rainy days (or days so hot everybody wants to stay indoors in the AC). There are some great education-based projects that can be completed indoors that are both fun and productive on a rainy day. Whether kids are working on their art skills, reading comprehension, or math, there are several things they can do as a family while learning something new.

1. Color mixing

Color mixing can make a fun and educational art project that helps kids learn how to make secondary and tertiary colors. For this project, kids will need four colors of paint: red, blue, yellow, and white. They can mix up orange, purple, green, and pink and so on. Many kids end up accidentally making brown or gray when they mix red, blue, and yellow together. However, both of these are colors as well, and students can use them in their painting. A lot of experimentation and a little bit of patience are required to make this art project successful. Once kids have mixed up their colors they can store the paint in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for the rest of the day. If they have a chance later in the afternoon, they can paint a beautiful picture with the colors they have created. Acrylic or tempera tends to work best for this project, but watercolors can be used as well.

2. Shoebox book report

Most kids have a series of books they enjoy reading for fun. Kids will be used to creating a book report summary for school but may find it more fun and engaging if they do it for a book they chose to read. The shoebox book report focuses on the visual aspect of learning as opposed to writing. Kids can get an old shoebox, or any box, and create drawings of the characters on cardstock and then cut it out and paste it onto the shoebox. They can also paint the inside of the shoe box white and then use crayons or paint to draw in the setting of the story before painting in the characters. This is an educational and artistic way to comprehend characters and setting in a novel.

3. Newspaper

Students on summer break can also create their very own newspaper. There are many online news sites that are age appropriate to a specific grade level where kids can get ideas for their newspaper. Alternately, kids can also write about news in the neighborhood. They can use a drawing pad or even computer paper to create a newspaper complete with drawings and short descriptions. They can then staple it together with help from Mom.

4. Cooking project

Another great thing to do on a rainy day is cook a healthy and delicious snack. Almost every recipe deals with basic fractions, which can help kids learn about applied math. Families who want to get creative can search for healthy and artistic snack creations on sites such as Pinterest, or they can stick with a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie recipe. In addition to learning about math, students can also work on following directions step by step and using patience. (Those cookies can’t come out of the oven soon enough!) Of course, any project involving cutting utensils or an oven should be supervised by mom or another adult.

Robyn Scott is a private English tutor at TutorNerds. She attended the University of California, Irvine as an undergraduate and the University of Southampton in England as a graduate student. She has worked with students from the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, and Africa.

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