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4 Strategies For Crypto-Vacations

Do you have cryptocurrency holdings that you’d like to use to go on vacation? It may be easier than you think! Here are four different strategies that you can use to help turn your cryptocurrency into the vacation of your dreams.

  1. Find a travel website or company that accepts crypto as payment

The easiest on the list, naturally, is simply finding a website that will take your existing cryptocurrency and turn it into a vacation. Depending on what suits your needs the best, this could be a package deal or you could use your crypto to purchase flights, hotels, and other aspects of the trip individually. Booking piecemeal can save money but is often a lot more time-consuming than simply purchasing a travel package. and allow users to pay for hotels, flights, and activities directly from their crypto wallets.

AirBaltic, an airline headquartered in Latvia, was one of the first airlines to accept cryptocurrency as payment over 10 years ago. The Chedi is a ski resort in the Swiss Alps that allows crypto owners to book directly and pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Many new options for direct bookings are available every day, as corporate acceptance of cryptocurrency continues to surge all around the world.

  1. Trade bitcoin for fiat currency

This is the least glamorous option on the list, but it’s also quite effective. Many platforms allow users to convert their crypto into various fiat currencies, such as the United States Dollar, the Euro, or the British Pound Sterling, via trades with other users and then deposit the resulting money into a bank account or onto a debit card. Users can then purchase their travel through traditional means like direct bookings or travel websites such as Expedia or Travelocity. Cryptocurrency prices do fluctuate over time, however, and before trading, it is highly recommended to look up the current price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BAT or other cryptos through websites such as

  1. Crypto Cards

Some platforms and cryptocurrency providers, such as, Nexo, Monolith, and others offer a service that allows users to make purchases directly through their Bitcoin wallets. However, some of these may have fees higher than consumers expect, so it is best to carefully choose the right card before signing up. This method allows crypto owners to simply purchase travel and other items just as they would with a credit or debit card backed by fiat currencies, making crypto travel even easier.

  1. Cryptopias

A cryptopia (a portmanteau of the words Crypto and utopia) refers to various locations around the world that accept crypto as an official currency. The surf town of El Zonte, El Salvador on the Caribbean is known as “Bitcoin Beach,” because of the ease with which visitors can pay for basic expenses and other needs using crypto. Lugano, Switzerland, is also nearing acceptance of a proposal to accept Bitcoin as an official currency.

Using these strategies, taking a dream vacation using cryptocurrency has never been easier and no longer has to be a dream. No matter which option you choose, it can be done!


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