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4 Things to Know About Lawn Care Products

Having a great-looking well-maintained lawn is a great feeling. It’s the impression you leave on anyone visiting your home, and shouldn’t appear neglected. It is a tiring task sometimes, but when you feel that lush green turf under your feet, you’ll forget all about it and get to work. It can be a great place for relaxing summer picnics or just enjoying the sun and fresh air while reading your favorite book. Regularly maintaining your lawn is important, watering it, mowing, and weeding, but you probably know all that. What you may want to be further informed on is how to choose the perfect lawn care products, the proper usage, and how safe they are. 

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How Safe Are Lawn Care Pesticides?

As a homeowner, it’s only natural for you to be wondering about how safe some of these products are. Pesticides do undoubtedly pose a certain risk, and can never be made 100% safe, but it all depends on their toxicity and the level of exposure to them. Inappropriately or improperly using pesticides can increase exposure and, in turn, also the level of risk they pose to the environment and human health. Just remember to follow the instructions and not overdo it with the amount of product used. If you’re unsure, you should probably use the “less is more” philosophy. 

How to Minimize the Risks

The simplest way to keep the risk to a minimum is to make sure you and others around you are minimally exposed to pesticides. If you are administering the pesticides by yourself, you should carefully read all the instructions and wear the recommended protective clothing. Keep everyone out of the affected area for some time immediately after applying the pesticides, and be sure to store them somewhere where children and pets can’t reach them. Staying away from the area for 24 hours, if possible, should be enough to be completely safe. 

The Most Popular Fertilizers

When it comes to top-sellers in the world of fertilization, Scotts and Sta-Green are at the very top. While you probably won’t go wrong by choosing either, we’ll try to look into the differences, pros, and cons of each of them. In the battle of Scotts fertilizer vs Sta green, both sides have their pros and cons and are essentially good choices, depending on the type of application process you want.   

Sta-Green is a slow-release fertilizer, always providing long-lasting results and it works well on any variety of actively growing grass. It has a high concentration of iron which is essential for producing healthy grass, and it’s usually less pricey than the competitor products. Some of the cons of using this brand are that it won’t provide quick results and it comes in fewer sizes and varieties than seen in other brands. 

Scotts has been around for over 150 years, is well known, and provides a vast range of products to choose from. Scotts fertilizer has a quick-release formula meaning you’ll get almost immediate results on your lawn after applying it. Some of Scotts fertilizers also include iron which is, as we said already, highly beneficial to making the grass healthy. The bad side of choosing Scotts may be the prices, their products are more expensive, and that you’ll require to apply it more times because of its quick-release formula. 

Organic VS Chemical Products

This distinction is very important to read into. The type of products you use for maintaining your lawn may have a great impact on how your grass looks, but also how healthy it is. You should try and always use additive-free products, and also learn about organic lawn care.  

Non-Organic lawn care means using fertilizers and other chemicals which, in turn, will surely make your grass appear amazing, beautifully green, and lush, though it may be harmful to some extent to the environment if not used correctly. Chemical products deliver the same or better than the organic ones but by inciting different processes, ones that don’t come about naturally. They can improve nutrient stability and control, and might be easier for you to apply than the other kind.

Organic products rely on fertilizers that came about through natural processes, without human involvement (such as decomposing grass clippings, pine needles, or well-rotten animal manure). They provide plant nutrients that break down over time and make natural processes needed for growth happen, while also improving the structure of the soil. 

These two types of products can also be combined to complement each other. If balanced correctly, the combination of organic and chemical lawn care can immensely benefit your lawn health and appearance. 


So, hopefully, you found these pointers helpful and now feel more ready to go and pick out the perfect products for your lawn. Just remember to have patience and always think about safety if using chemicals, and your lawn will be looking wonderful in no time.

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