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4 Tips to Make Your Dinosaur Wedding Planning Experience Seamless and Fun

A wedding is an exciting event that most couples who are planning to get married look forward to. The idea of having a wedding ceremony itself is thrilling, let alone the actual process of planning the event. If you are looking for something to spice up your marriage ceremony, then a themed wedding can be a perfect idea.

A themed wedding makes your event outstanding and is a great way to express you and your partner’s personality. You can center your wedding around fictional characters you are fond of or even dinosaurs. However, not everyone enjoys what it takes to bring the idea to fruition.

Much goes into organizing a wedding, especially if you are expecting a massive number of guests. For most people, the planning process can shift from exciting to overwhelming due to the many things that need to be done in a limited time. 

Everyone wants to execute their idea of a perfect wedding, which can be taxing. First, if you are planning for a wedding, take a breath and relax. You don’t have to rush everything. Conversely, you can slow down and enjoy the entire process of planning your dinosaur-themed wedding using super fun hidden legs dinosaurs costumes. You can adopt these tips as you plan your event to have fun and make the most out of it.

Create a budget

When planning your wedding, it is necessary to work with a budget. Doing so ensures you don’t go above your means in the effort to execute your ideas for the big day. Factors such as your financial capability determine the amount of money you will set aside for your wedding. Working with a budget saves you from straining and getting into debt.

You can come up with a reasonable budget by putting into account the money you have. Depending on your agreement, you can set aside money each month to save up for the event. Setting attainable or realistic expectations will also help you stay within your means as you plan for your wedding. Account for every penny by tracking or monitoring how you spend money.

Set deadlines

Time is a limited commodity that most of the time you think you have, yet you don’t. It is easy to run out of time as you make the needed preparations for your special occasion. Give yourself at least a whole year to plan your wedding to avoid doing things in a hurry. Dinosaur-themed weddings require attention to detail, which may take more of your time.

A one-year period should be enough to source for service providers to print out invitation cards, select the venue, book your honeymoon and make purchases for the dress and suits. Even so, set deadlines for each activity. For example, you can give yourselves a month to determine a perfect wedding venue. Being time conscious helps you avoid last-minute rushing.

Make a playlist for your wedding

Music sets the mood for everyone in the event and sets the tone for your special day. People may hardly remember the color of your flower bouquets but will recall the music and how it made them feel. While choosing the songs, keep in mind that your wedding is dinosaur-themed and therefore, the music should align with your event’s theme.

Consider instrumentals or live performances from people dressed in dinosaur costumes. You can choose to keep your song choices a secret from your partner to be a pleasant surprise during the wedding. Your choice of songs can also be a way to show love or pass specific information to each other.

Choose photo location

What better way to keep your wedding memories alive than taking photos? For a dinosaur-themed wedding, you can have your portraits taken at the Chicago’s Field Museum – a perfect way to bring your wedding dream to life. Since yours is a themed wedding, consider a location that complements or matches your exciting and unique theme. If paying for a location does not fit your budget, you can set up a photo booth with dinosaur puppets.

Wedding planning does not have to be stressful. The whole experience can be fun, and you may bring your dream dinosaur-themed wedding to life by following these tips.

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