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4 Tips for Meeting Big Life Moments with Optimism

Life is an amazing thing, full of all sorts of powerful moments that can leave a permanent impact, and an array of (hopefully good) memories that you will carry with you for years to come.

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Unfortunately, though, many of the big moments in life can also seem innately stressful, as they come with plenty of responsibility, consequence, and the need to be focused, attentive to detail, and highly aware of what’s going on around you.

Nonetheless, being able to meet those big life moments with a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm is a very powerful thing, and can totally shape your overall experience of life for the better, in a wide variety of different ways.

Although there is no perfect one size fits all formula that is guaranteed to work for every person in every situation, there are certainly general tips and principles that are likely to be helpful.

Here are a few tips for meeting big life moments with optimism.

Be very mindful of the kinds of information you are taking in

First and foremost, it is vitally important to be aware of the fact that the kind of information you take in on a habitual basis powerfully and directly shapes your perspective on things, and your feelings about things, in ways that you won’t even be aware of in many cases.

This is true in a general sense, but it’s especially true when it comes to big and significant moments in your life.

If you are planning your wedding, for example, and spend a lot of your time watching TV programs about failed relationships, and reading articles about divorce, it is almost inevitable that you will have your experience of the wedding negatively impacted as a result, and will struggle significantly to actually maintain an optimistic outlook, and to have the kind of experience that you would like.

Whatever the particular occasion is that’s taking up most of your attention in life at this moment, make a point of stepping back and becoming actively mindful about the type of information you are taking in from different sources, and how this might be shaping the degree to which you are feeling optimistic or pessimistic.

Protect your sense of agency by doing the right amount of planning and preparation

If you are pregnant and your due date is soon, it just makes good sense that you should have a checklist for hospital bag contents, and should have things in your home decently organized so that you have the smoothest transition to parental life possible upon your return.

Of course, when it comes to maintaining a sense of optimism and positivity, it is certainly possible that you could end up becoming overly fixated on planning all the minutiae of the situation out in detail, and trying to micromanage and control everything. This would then very likely lead to more stress and feelings of powerlessness, paradoxical as it may seem.

Nonetheless, it’s essential for your sense of agency, in addition to your overall well-being, to do the right amount of planning and preparation to support you in navigating whatever situation you are facing your life at any given moment.

When all is said and done, having the feeling that you are capable of rising to the occasion and shaping the course of events in your favor, is one of the most powerful ways of protecting your overall sense of optimism and well-being.

Safeguard your core well-being habits, and don’t let yourself get into a negative spiral

For all of us, there are bound to be certain core habits that support and safeguard our sense of well-being – whether those are habits we are currently engaged in, or are ones that we would really benefit from engaging in but that we haven’t yet got around to properly implementing.

One of the most surefire ways of sabotaging your sense of optimism and well-being in life, in general, is to let these core habits fall away, and to allow things to spiral out of control as a result.

For example – if you end up in a routine where you are staying up all night every night, and are sleeping until the mid afternoon, you will be totally out of sync with the world around you and will likely suffer a lot of practical and psychological consequences as a result.

Often, maintaining a sense of optimism is a matter of guarding yourself against downwards spirals.

Visualise the future in a way you find empowering and positive

Visualisation exercises are extremely powerful in shaping how you feel about things, and how you relate to the world around you as a whole.

When you visualise the future – and especially major upcoming events in your life – visualise them in a way that you find empowering and positive.

In fact, it’s a great exercise to set aside a certain amount of time each day for this kind of positive visualisation.

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