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4 Tips Needed for Raising Strong and Confident Daughters

If you have a daughter, it’s so important to raise them to be confident young women. Society has always attacked women. Being attacked for not doing enough in life, for now, looking a certain way, not choosing the right career, not being a parent, being a parent, wearing certain clothes, having certain interests, and so on. If you think about it, there is no way that a woman can even do right. There just isn’t any winning at all. One main goal that many women share is to shape the roles that they’re in and pave a way for young women to follow.

 It’s hard to find strong female roles and it’s especially hard to uplift women in a society that wants to strike them down.  One of the first steps that any parent, leader, teacher, sister, grandparent, aunt, or anyone can do is to instill confidence in young girls. Confident girls won’t let societal standards or norms stand in the way. Confident girls won’t let harsh criticisms stand in their way either.  These are some tips for raising strong confident daughters to become future leaders or tomorrow. 

Understand that you may be putting pressure on them

As mothers, expectations tend to begin the moment the pregnancy test shows it’s positive. Thoughts come into our heads of what is expected of the child. Such as what career they may have, what they may look like, and so much more.  It’s important to cut away expectations and understand that you may be putting unnecessary pressure on your child. Pressure tends to affect people in negative ways, and this could be happening.

Let them know they have the power

To raise a confident daughter, it’s important to let them know that if they want to, they can change their world. Talk to them about attraction even if they didn’t ask what is the Law of Attraction. Starting out young believing in yourself and removing self-doubt is going to be the way to create confidence and high self-esteem. This has the power to attract positivity and huge changes.

Let them fight their own battles

As a protecting parent, it may be hard to not want to step in and take care of the problems that your daughter is facing. In order for your child to learn and to ensure a bright future, they need to stand up for themselves. They need to take a chance on themselves and fight their own battles. That’s one of the things that adults need to do. She needs to prove to herself and others what she is capable of. She needs to show her power and blow them away.

Let them discover themselves

A part of childhood is allowing kids to discover themselves. This includes their interests, hobbies, what makes them happy, their beliefs, and so much more. It’s important to understand that your daughter is not an extension of you, and they’re not an extension of anyone. They are themselves, and they are their own person. It’s important to not criticize your children.

While fads come and go for children, let them have this opportunity to enjoy what they like. Sometimes a confidence-killer can be as little as a negative remark from a parent. Just look into encouraging your children and their interest by getting involved such as taking them to video game conventions, getting them involved in clubs, or extra-curricular activities.



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