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4 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Develop A Sense Of Style

Childhood is a great time to foster wonder, curiosity, and imagination. Kids start developing their personalities, discovering likes and dislikes, and knowing more about themselves as they grow day by day. Parents and guardians witness all these and have the responsibility to nudge the kids on the right path. 

One way to foster the children’s individuality and creativity is by encouraging them to develop their own sense of style. An excellent way to start strengthening your bond with your kids is by helping them with their clothes—or more particularly, by establishing their fashion sense. Here are four ways to help them:


  • Play Dress-Up


Curiosity is an innate emotion in people of all ages. It’s especially evident in kids. Be it asking something as simple as wondering why the sky is blue, children have a well of curiosity inside of them that’s thirsty for more knowledge. And that’s where you come in.

As an adult, it’s your job to provide for your kid’s needs. Whether they’re diapers or baby onesies, meeting their needs falls on your shoulders while they’re still unable to do it on their own yet. You are responsible for dressing them up while they are young, but as they grow older, encourage them to dress up themselves.

Let them play dress-up in the clothes you’ve given them. By giving them the floor, they now have the freedom to do whatever they want in creating their look. These can lead to cute or funny outfit choices, as kids are drawn to patterns, bright colors, and their favorite cartoon characters.

For now, foster their creativity to breathe and grow along with them in every outfit they design for themselves. In return, their curiosity will be sated once they learn whether or not graphic tees work with a skirt or which jacket goes well with their hat.


  • Hand Over Options


If you’ve ever encountered bossy people before, they’re nothing compared to children. At the toddler stage, children act a lot more selfishly and don’t back down easily, especially if they’re determined to get something done their way.

Since they probably got their fill from their dress-up sessions, you could slowly regulate their wardrobe. Not to steer their sense of style to your preferences, but merely to lower the likelihood of overstimulation. You’re not the first parental figure who loves spoiling children with clothes, after all.

So, to keep them from getting overwhelmed each time they change outfits, offer them options instead. For example, they need to wear something that can warm them up in the cold. Instead of laying out every piece of warm clothing they have, hold up two to three articles of the same category but with distinct features instead. One example is helping them decide which color they’d like for the day. Even this amount of ‘control’ over their appearance could nurture their individuality more. 


  • Give Out Solid Fashion Advice


Although you’re meant to encourage their creativity, it won’t hurt to chip in a fashion tip or two to help them look great. However, be careful about what you’re saying. If you’re giving them advice, make sure you don’t drop some back-handed comments about how their bodies look or other similar insults.

Instead, your advice must be completely objective. Describe how some colors would clash and how others work well together. Teach them to utilize their clothes properly and combine some to put their style to the next level. Explain that they don’t need to wear luxury brands just to look good.

In the world of fashion (and with your experience), there are plenty of tips you can spare. And this kind of moment alone will fulfill different purposes, such as helping them grasp their identities while broadening their fashion knowledge even further. But what’s important is how these learning experiences can serve as a solid groundwork in strengthening your bond with them despite coaxing them towards interdependence.   


  • Be More Open


Although the ways mentioned earlier are helpful, none of them matter if you’re unwilling to communicate with the child. Considering their feelings would be impactful in the long run since they’re much more sensitive at that age. And because of how impressionable they are with the people around them, they’re bound to absorb whatever emotion they’re surrounded with. Unfortunately, this makes them susceptible to negativity the most.

So, to balance it out, make sure to remind them they’re always welcome to run to you. Even when it’s not about fashion, always make them feel they can talk to you about anything. And don’t forget to encourage them every time, whether it’s because they found a new style or made an achievement. Positivity is one of the many reasons people get a boost in confidence, so be sure to be generous with it to your children.


Children are at a vital development stage where they develop their own personalities and discover their sense of self. As their trusted adult, you play a vital role in this process. Your actions will also impact their way of thinking and influence their decision-making. One way to foster creativity is to encourage them to develop a sense of style, and with the tips in this article, you are on your way to boosting your child’s individuality.

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