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4 Ways to Get Your Kid Back on Track After Spring Break

When kids come back from a week away from school, they are often not as focused on classroom work and assignments. Also, at this point in the year students start thinking more about summer and less about school. Whether in kindergarten or 12th grade, every student will have assignments to complete by the end of the academic year. How focused a student is will play a role in exams and quizzes they take as well as their overall GPA. There are some great ways to help get kids back on track after spring break, so they can be successful and finish the year strong.

Hire an Orange County tutor
There are highly qualified private tutors throughout Orange County who can help students in the peace of their own home and start getting them back on track. Tutors can help students with a specific subject that’s giving them trouble, or they can help with overall organization and homework help. As students lose focus on academic tasks, tutors can individualize a session to help refocus the student on important material and ensure they meet assignment deadlines.

Stay organized
If a student was organized before spring break, they might only need a little help to get reorganized once they come back to the classroom environment. It’s hard to get kids to sit down and concentrate on homework assignments after school, especially now that the weather is nice outside. If a student was struggling to be organized in the first place, it might be time for some extra help from a parent or tutor. It’s essential that students stay organized through the end of the year so they can be successful and keep stress low.

Get ready for spring testing season
All students will take end-of-the-year exams whether they are standardized exams based on a grade level or just a final exam administered by the teacher. Students in the college prep years will also have to focus on the SAT, ACT, and advanced placement exams. It’s essential that students leave enough time in their schedule to study for these exams, meet with their tutor for a review session, and still have enough time left over to give their brain a break. Students are already tired from studying throughout the school year, so it’s essential they have enough mental energy left to do well on these important exams.

Maintain a healthy balance
For many kids, it can be too difficult to go from a week off to long study sessions and hours sitting at the computer. Students should attempt to maintain a healthy balance, whether they can do this on their own or if they need help from their parent or a private tutor. This means being highly organized and aware of assignment due dates, so the student can break longer assignments into parts and take time to relax in between. When students got overwhelmed and overtired their stress levels rise, and their GPA drops. Maintaining a healthy balance can avoid this and support success through the end of the year.

Robyn Scott is a private English tutor at TutorNerds. She attended the University of California, Irvine as an undergraduate and the University of Southampton in England as a graduate student. She has worked with students from the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, and Africa. Robyn has been published on many sites, including USA Today, Edudemic, and Edutopia.

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