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4 Ways to Practice Sustainable Living in 2021

The world is changing. We are now in the age of sustainable living. The old ways of living and doing business are quickly becoming extinct as we see how unsustainable they were for our environment and society as a whole. This blog post will give you four tips on practicing sustainable living and being better prepared for the future!

1 Start Eating Meat Alternatives 

Start eating more meat-free meals. Eating less red and processed meats is a great way to start practicing sustainable living in 2021. Reducing the amount of red meat you eat will reduce your carbon footprint, decrease methane emissions from cow farts, cut down on water usage for livestock production (a considerable part of our global water supply goes towards raising cattle), and most importantly – it’s better for the environment! If everyone made an effort to switch out one or two servings of beef per week with healthier alternatives like beans, lentils, tofu, etc., we would be able to save over half a million hectares of land every year! That’s almost twice as much as what was held during the last years before by protecting forests worldwide.

2 Take Advantage of Solar Farms 

Commit to using more solar power. One of the most significant factors for climate change is carbon dioxide, and one of the biggest emitters of CO² are coal-fired power plants (more than 700 in the USA). If we could switch over all our energy sources from fossil fuels like petroleum, natural gas, and coal into renewable resources such as wind or sun, we would be on track towards a cleaner future with fewer greenhouse gases! Another great thing about switching out your source of electricity production: it will save you some money! You can sign up here to find out more details and get the benefits of renewable energy without even having to install solar panels at your property.

3 Save More Water 

Start saving more water. The benefits of living a sustainable life would be incomplete without making sure we use our resources responsibly and practice conservation in all aspects! Water is one of the most critical factors for human survival, so it’s imperative to save as much water as possible while still enjoying showers or washing dishes – which can both makeup half your daily usage (20% each). So why not take shorter showers? Or try to keep an eye on how much you’re using when cleaning clothes by only running full loads instead of small ones with rinses between.

4 Buy More Fair Trade Products 

Fair Trade is a certification applied to products that meet specific social, environmental, and economic criteria within their production process. Buying these items will support small-scale farmers who live in developing countries and sustainably produce the raw materials into valuable finished products that are exported around the world by larger companies. As well as being better for local communities and fostering sustainable practices, have you ever wondered why most mass-produced clothing comes from China? When we buy clothes ethically made with fair-traded cotton or organic linen, there’s less demand for those cheap imports helping us fight poverty!

Practicing sustainable living in 2021 will take a lot of effort from us all, but it’s definitely worth the fight! It can be as simple as taking shorter showers or giving up red meat for a couple of weeks every month. The more we try and help this planet recover from centuries of ravaging by human beings, the better future generations will have

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