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5 Animal Apps that Help with Elementary Math Skills

Math can be fun or entirely boring depending on how it’s presented. The old fashioned pencil and paper with a series of times table sheets didn’t do much back in the day but there are so many exciting ways for young learners to learn necessary and important math skills while actually having fun at the same time. One thing that has stayed the same through the years is that kids love animals. These five apps offer learning and fun with cute (and some not so cute) animals. Some of the apps are aligned with Common Core State Standards and some are even free. With the intense competition and rigorous standardized testing these days it’s important for young kids to take on a practice makes perfect mentality but that doesn’t mean their whole life needs to be spent on dry activities. Elementary math apps with animals are colorful, fun, and engaging.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish
This is a delightful game that feeds fish with numbers. Students will learn to practice addition in their heads (a needed skill) and work through several levels of fun and games. There are 18 addition levels in all and users can purchase additional levels including subtraction games. It’s crucial for young kids to have fun when they start learning addition so they have a good first experience with math facts. $1.99 + in-app purchases.

10 Monkeys Multiplication
This fun app offers practice with times tables for kids who need or want extra practice. Users get to free the monkeys by answering multiplication times tables correctly and can earn extra points even after the monkeys are free to roam. Multiplication tables are some of the most difficult to memorize for young learners and practice makes perfect. That practice doesn’t have to come in the form of a pencil and paper at a desk, it can be colorful and engaging.

Sushi Monster
This game has appropriately hilarious sushi monsters along with math facts practice. Users will work on addition and multiplication on 12 levels. Seven extra levels can be accessed as well. This app focuses on accuracy and speed, which is great for standardized test practice. Sushi Monster is available in several languages to suit bilingual students. This app is free!

Meerkat Math
Meerkats are adorable so why not combine them with math and learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? The Meerkats are stealing everyone’s eggs and it’s up to students to solve the math problems and run them off! This app has eight modes for users to work through. To make it extra challenging, students can race against users on other devices. A little healthy competition can be helpful at times. This app is free!

Math Vs Zombies
Zombies are animals too! (Sort of.) The world of math has entirely changed now that zombies have taken over. It’s up to students to answer questions in counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in order to turn the zombies back into humans and save the world. Math Vs Zombies has seven worlds and a whopping 111 levels for players to conquer. $4.99.

Robyn Scott is a private English tutor at TutorNerds. She attended the University of California, Irvine as an undergraduate and the University of Southampton in England as a graduate student. She has worked with students from the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, and Africa.

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