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5 Causes Of Bad Odors Inside Your Home And How To Address Them

Realistically speaking, nobody wants to live in a stinky home. Regardless of how clean and organized your dwelling is, staying there isn’t safe for you and your family if foul odors are present in different areas of your property.

In most cases, excessive exposure to stinky smells can result in many adverse health effects, including mild discomfort and burning sensation that may lead to coughing and other breathing issues. That said, it’s essential to determine the sources of the bad smell and fix them immediately.  

Continue reading this article to learn the five causes of bad odors inside your home and how you should address them.


  • Mold 


Excessive mold growth in the walls can cause a musty smell in your home. Molds usually develop because of plumbing leaks, gutter issues, and even poor ventilation in your bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, besides the bad smell, these organisms may be toxic to one’s health.  

In that case, it’s essential to spot their location and get rid of them right away. Thankfully, there are many ways that can help you address them. For instance, you can remove it with soap and water. In the event the mold is highly toxic, it would be best to call professionals for mold remediation. That way, you can eliminate mold and their musty smell inside your house in no time. 

On the other hand, vinegar can be an excellent option if you’re looking for a more natural way of cleaning them. It can also help absorb mold odors, making your home stink-free. But aside from vinegar, you can use other natural solutions to remove bad smells. To learn more about these solutions, you can read about them online for more info.  


  • Dishwashers  


When used for an extended period of time, your dishwasher will start to release awful odors due to rotting food leftovers. Also, the moisture in your dishwasher can cause smelly mildew and mold growth. Unfortunately, the stinky smell from this machine doesn’t go away on its own.  

That said, you need to address this problem as soon as possible. You can clean the dishwasher’s filter to remove the food residue or place some baking soda in the lower rack of the machine. Then, run the dishwasher without adding detergent and rinse it afterward to eliminate the bad smell.  


  • Bathroom Or Sewage Odor  


If you’ve noticed a filthy smell in your bathroom, it means your sewer pipe is broken or your vent pipe is clogged. The bad odor could also be the result of a dried-up P-trap, which means that the water in the said trap has already evaporated, and the sewer gas has escaped. Lastly, the sulfur-like odor in the bathroom or sewage could also be due to a defective anode rod in the water heater.  

Hence, to address the foul odor, you need to run water in all your drains each month. If you’ve discovered that the water heater is causing the awful smell, replace the anode rod as quickly as possible.  


  • Garbage Disposal  


Another common cause of the stinky smell inside your home is the garbage disposal. Although you clean it daily, the grease and leftover food residue can stick on the garbage disposal blades, causing an awful odor.  

To eliminate the bad smell, you need to clean it with a garbage disposal cleaner. You can also try some natural cleaning solutions. For instance, you can run the disposal with a half cup of table salt and ice. After a few minutes, there’ll be no more smell in your garbage disposal. 


  • Carpets  


Another cause of the bad smell inside your home is your carpet. From the daily dirt and other substances your shoes brought indoors to food and beverage spills and pet hair, your carpet will undoubtedly smell filthy. However, the awful odor from the carpet won’t go away quickly.  

For that reason, you need to perform deep cleanings to address the smell immediately. You can clean your carpet with baking soda, leave it for a few hours, and wash it thoroughly to remove the bad odor. On the other hand, if you’re on a tight schedule, you can hire professional cleaners to clean the carpet for you. 


Final Thoughts  

Generally, there are some obvious reasons why your home has stinky odors. These include cooking smells, dirty laundry, leftover food, and other similar causes. However, there are specific causes of foul odors that are hidden, dangerous for the health, and an indication of a serious issue at home. Therefore, keep the information mentioned above in mind to know where to look for awful smells in your home and address them immediately. That way, you can maintain the safety and fresh scent in your dwelling.  


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