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5 Effective Habits for A Healthy Lifestyle!


Jan Canfield once said:

Your habits will determine your future”

We all know that being healthy has been in the trend forever. But it’s not a small feat to adapt a healthy living lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle promotes happy, stable & successful life. But we often neglect our health while pursuing our careers or on our journey to be successful.

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Let’s agree on one thing, the implementation of healthy habits always gives us a boost of dopamine. It lowers our stress levels and simply makes our life better. You might have observed that people with a healthy mindset are always those who have an active, balanced lifestyle. It seems that they know how to make the right choices moving through life.

However, having a healthy lifestyle or developing healthy habits contrasts from person to person. Don’t dwell on it if you can’t wake up at 5:00 am in the morning or can’t manage to work out thrice a week. As no piece of advice fits all, it applies to developing healthy habits too!

Therefore, it is crucial to explore what works for your body. The goal isn’t perfectionism, it is to incorporate effective healthy habits to lead a healthful lifestyle!

Remember, consistency & practice can help you get used to better lifestyle habits.

We have enlisted some of the effective healthy habits below which will make a remarkable difference in your life:

1.   Exercise:

This didn’t come as a surprise, right?

It doesn’t matter, who you are, where you live, or what you do, you have to move your body because ‘the body flourishes on movement’.

It activates happy hormones, maintains your body balance, and keeps your bones and muscles strong & help maintain blood sugar levels. It’s also scientifically proven that regular exercise boosts your mental health. It also helps you sleep better.

To be honest, the list of benefits is way too long. But not everyone is motivated to exercise regularly. Therefore, you can skip a day or two but it is important to move your body every now & then.

Here, we have mentioned a few ways how you can incorporate exercise as a part of your regular routine.

First & foremost, moving your body isn’t limited to going to the gym or doing intense workouts. It can vary in many ways such as:

·      Be More Active:

Take the stairs, go to your colleague’s office downstairs instead of sending an email, count your daily steps, go open that door, park your car a little further, and take your dog to even walks a lot more. These all changes may seem insignificant.

However, they produce significant changes if applied correctly.

·      Plan Exciting Activities:

The goal should be to create everyday activities more fun.

How about planning a weekend getaway as a hiking adventure? You can even go swimming or join a dance club or even a volleyball team. Make plans with your friends and families that allow you to be more active.

A good company makes everything 10x more fun.

·      Slow Progress is Still Progress:

Don’t let your mind fool you with foolish tricks. When you are starting your fitness journey, you should always track your progress. It gives a boost of confidence and helps you stay motivated. There are numerous activity or fitness tracker apps to help you in this regard.

2.   A Balanced Diet:

We live in a world that has easy excess to all things including food options. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach stated once:

“Man is what he eats”

A balanced diet comprises healthy veggies, fruits, whole foods, protein, nuts, seeds, good fats in dairy products, legumes, to plenty of water to a lot more.

When you consume a balanced diet than it nourishes your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to maintain your body. It also flushes out toxins and eliminates any health complications.

These are only a few benefits of a healthy balanced diet. From maintaining your body weight to sleeping better to enhanced brain activity & boosting your mental health.

1.   Be Mindful:

What does it mean to be mindful?

It is as equally essential to take care of your mental health as it is with physical well-being!

We live in a technological era where we consume constant information and it affects our mental health in one way or another.

However, when you become aware of mindfulness then you start creating more space for your mental health in your self-care!

v The Practice of Mindfulness:

How an individual introduces mindfulness varies from person to person. However, we have shared one of the best way to help you out:

Do Journaling:

It is one of the best ways to gain clarity. When you pour your heart into a sheet of paper, it helps you reflect and evaluate. Therefore, journaling is a great practice to incorporate to your daily habits.

Accordingly a study at Harvard:

The adults who did journal had better performance rates up to 25% comparatively those who didn’t do journaling”.

While discussing the habit of journaling author Steven Johnson stated:

“Scholars, amateur scientists, aspiring men of letters- just about anyone with intellectual ambition, was likely to keep a commonplace book.

This indicates the importance of journaling.

2.    Worry Less, Laugh More:

When you take more stress, it affects negatively on your body. For instance, it weakens your immune system.

It is a proven fact that individuals who practice spirituality in any form, live longer. Therefore, it is important to connect to your inner self and release that tension from your body. Also, laugh more and surround yourself with positive vibes.

Do you know that laughter activates endorphins?

Therefore, it enhances your mood and relieves anxiety. So, live, laugh and be healthy!

3.   Maintain Your Hygiene:

It is important to develop hygienic habits. From flossing to taking bath daily. These are a few basic yet crucial habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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About The Author:

Isabella Williams is a blogger. She shares different recipes with her audience. She also shares reviews regarding different food brands as in meal kits. She loves to read and write as well.

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