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5 Enjoyable Indoor Games for Your Kids

Indoor games come in handy when the weather does not allow you to play outside. You can enjoy indoor games and activities when it’s snowing, raining, or even when the sun is too bright.

Indulging your kids in indoor activities also implies more time to kill at home. It is an opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their children.

You can play any games like cards, chess, scrabble, etc. Here is a list of fun indoor games you should try at least once. 

1) Word Games

Word games are a great way to keep your kids engaged and their minds sharp. You can create these games yourselves or buy them online. One of the easiest ways to play a word game is by letting your children start and make any word(meaningful or not) You do not necessarily have to tell them to make words using five or more letters. Starting from 1-5 letters to make a word is an ideal approach.

Some most common word games are Scrabble, Bananagrams, Boggle, etc. These games exercise your kids’ minds more than other games. With time, you will notice that your kids are learning new words daily, making the games look easy.

At that time, you can increase the difficulty by giving them five or seven-letter words if shorter words are too easy for them. You can be more competitive by making teams and inviting other parents and kids to your home. 

Using an online tool to find seven letter words is never a bad option if you are playing the game to increase your kids’ knowledge. Stay one step ahead by using this tool on the word finder website to find seven letter words. You can also search for words with their initial letters, and character lengths.

2) Balance Beam

Kids love activities like walking in a straight line. So, take your masking tape out, and make a balance beam yourself. Put on some music your kids’ love and make the game funnier and challenging by asking them to walk on a single line with one foot. 

3) Treasure Hunt

Almost all kids love to find hidden objects. They love this activity even more if there is a good prize at the end. You can write your clues on slips of paper. You can place the first clue in snacks, cereal bowls, and other things.

You can put other clues in different parts of your house. You can use spots that your children frequently visit. You can also involve your pet in the game by hiding a clue on its collar or bed. 

You can give a trophy, treat, money, or any other prize to the winner of this treasure hunt. You can also put coins as clues so that your kids put all those coins in their piggy bank at the end. You might want to add modifications and tweaks to the game to make it more interesting.

4) Building Blocks

You do not need to buy a fancy set to play this game. You can start this game with pillows, sticks, cards, and more. You can also make indoor forts from bed sheets or blankets.

These building games are a fun way to keep your children engaged. You can also get more competitive by challenging yourselves to build the highest tower to win.

5) Indoor Bowling

Indoor bowling is one of the best ways to reuse water bottles. You can line seven or ten bottles at the end of your living room or hall and use duct tape to draw lines. Now, grab a medium-sized ball to start the game.

You can use small-sized footballs or volleyballs if you do not have a proper small-sized rolling ball. You can make this game more interesting by adding prizes or trophies for the winner. 

You can also fill the bottles with some water to stabilize the bottle for more intensity and competition. However, you might need to screw the bottle caps tightly.  


You can play more similar games to keep your children engaged during holidays. You can avoid playing online games on mobiles or PCs because too much screen time can affect your children’s sleep. 


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