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5 Fun Facts about Moana

We saw the film as a guest of Disney

Five Fun Facts about Moana

Moana is one of the most magical things to ever be created by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. There was so much research that went into the film and so many fun facts about the making of the movie that we wanted to share our five favorite facts about the film Moana.

While it your might think that Moana is wearing the same outfit in the movie – look closer because she wears seven different outfits. One of her most elaborate outfits was only shown for six seconds in the film during a dance sequence.

My favorite character in the film, Heihei was originally going to be a smart and sassy chicken, but the filmmakers didn’t feel like it was working with the film, and almost cut his character from the movie. The story team brainstormed different ways to keep Heihei in the film, and when they came up with the idea of him not having an IQ – it worked!

The filmmakers traveled to different Polynesian islands and created the Oceanic Story Trust which comprised of anthropologists, educators, linguists, master tattooists, choreographers, haka practitioners, master navigators and cultural advisors who would help them to ensure everything in the film is true to their culture. Everything down to the tattoos in the film was shown to the people on the Oceanic Story Trust before put into the final film.

“Mini Maui” featured in Maui’s tattoos was 2D hand-drawn animation by Eric Goldberg and his team. The team often compared Mini Maui to Jiminy Cricket in the 1940’s film “Pinocchio.” Goldberg is well-known for his work animating the Genie in “Aladdin.”

Some of the early designs of Maui did not feature his curly hair, and he had a tough-looking bald head. After the filmmakers had talked about Maui’s hair with the Oceanic Story Trust, they learned that many of Maui’s legends varied, but most featured Maui with a full head of hair.

If you are looking for an “Easter egg” in the film, the one that we spotted was Maui transforming into Sven when he first found his fish hook on the back of the crab. Did you spot an Easter egg? Share it with us in the comments below…

Moana is in theaters now! Learn more about Moana online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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