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5 Great Tips For Choosing A Great Surgeon Like Kristina Zakhary

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “You get what you pay for”? Great surgeons have the ability to charge more because they’re sought after, but it’s not everything. Anyone can trick you by charging as much as possible.

If you want to find the best surgeon for your needs, you’ll need to do a little research. Let’s look at some areas you should focus on first. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll find the surgeon who is a perfect match.

  1. Check The Surgeon’s Credentials

Dr. Kristina Zakhary recommends checking a surgeon’s credentials before doing anything else. If someone isn’t qualified, it’s not worth wasting your time. Everyone you consider should be board certified at the very least.

You might want to look into which school they studied at because some are better than others. Don’t forget to look into experience levels. If the surgeon has hospital privileges, it’s a bonus because they’re more trustworthy.

  1. Research The Clinic Thoroughly

Surgeons don’t do anything complicated by themselves. They’ll always have a team while performing surgery, so staff at clinics make a difference. The clinic itself should be clean, modern, and respected.

Ask about the clinic’s record when speaking to staff. You can converse with more people than the surgeon during your visit. Sometimes the only way you get a good read on a place is by walking around checking everything out.

  1. You Should Feel Comfortable

Not only should a surgeon make you feel comfortable, but you should be at ease while at the clinic. It’s pointless choosing anything that doesn’t feel right because mindset is crucial when going under the knife.

Don’t put extra pressure on yourself. Surgery isn’t supposed to feel like a walk in the park, but the experience should be as enjoyable as possible. It’s easy to prepare yourself if you’re excited.

  1. Always Listen To Past Patients

If you call and get in touch with a plastic surgeon in Calgary, they may tell you anything you want to hear. Even though it’s unlikely someone will lie to you, nobody should put 100% of their trust in anyone except God.

Read what past customers say about the surgeon/clinic, which is simple nowadays. All you need to do is read reviews on Google. If you look even deeper, you’ll find reviews in multiple places online.

  1. Examine Before And After Photos

Before and after photos are great because it’s difficult to lie. It’s not like posting on Instagram after losing lots of weight. Surgeons can’t ask their patients to pose for hours until they get the perfect snap.

You will see what someone looked like before and after their surgery, so you’ll know what skills potential surgeons possess. It’s easier to trust someone a bit more once they’ve proved themselves.

You Should Follow Your Gut

If a surgeon ticks all the boxes we’ve covered today, you should follow your gut when making a final decision. It’s hard to go wrong because you can always trust yourself.

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