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5 Home Additions to Consider in 2021

If you’re thinking of adding an addition to your home in 2021, it might be worth your time and effort. For instance, this can increase your house’s value, expand living space, add extra storage space, and more. In fact, you can help the environment by investing in solar power or spend quality time with family and friends in an outdoor kitchen. These five home additions might be just what you need to improve your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best benefits of having an outdoor kitchen is using it to entertain guests in the summer. Further, there are many outdoor kitchen designs to choose from, making the process fun and exciting. For example, you can make it stylish with a southwestern flair, modern with a metal-roof pavilion, or go Mediterranean with climbing plants. An outdoor bar could be perfect for entertaining guests, while a wood plank ceiling complete with a ceiling fan can make everyone feel closer to nature. No matter which design you may choose, you’re likely to love your new outdoor kitchen.

PV Solar Power

Although solar may seem expensive, it protects the environment and won’t go out as long as the sun’s still shining. Solar can increase your home’s value and has low maintenance costs. When you purchase solar, you get offered a 26% rebate by the U.S. government. In addition to this, you can check in with your local council for other possible incentives. As well as this, you’ll also be inspiring your neighbors to go solar and conserve the environment.


You can either make a playhouse for your kids or hire a professional to do it for you. Doing it yourself means you have the opportunity to enjoy the creative process. You can even involve your kids by asking them for their unique ideas. Plus, they’ll have a chance to escape to their place near the house whenever they feel like it. Another advantage of a playhouse is if you ever move, you can bring it with you because it’s so lightweight.

A Shed

You can utilize a shed for storage space, build a man cave, or protect vehicles from harsh weather. Like a man cave, it can be a great way to escape the house for a while and do hobbies or work at home. Since objects seem to pile up and get in the way, you can make room by storing in here. Building a shed can be low cost and low maintenance.

A Closet

If you love clothes and have plenty of them, you can create a walk-in closet or add a reach-in closet for hanging extra clothes and placing shoes in. With a walk-in closet, you have the benefit of putting in more shelves and maybe a vanity. Other than this, a reach-in closet can give you a bit of space while not taking up too much room. Drawers can be challenging to maintain because clothes can quickly get lost and cluttered. No matter which type of closet you may choose, you can keep your things organized better and have peace of mind.

The benefits of a home addition or two can truly outweigh the costs. Besides this, whether you want to sell your home or would just like to enjoy family life, you’ll be making a smart investment in your future. While some home additions can be expensive, others are highly affordable. Additionally, consider how much your family environment could improve.

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