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5 Introvert-Friendly Activities You Can Do With a Small Group

Whether you’re an introvert or you want to plan an introvert-friendly activity for a special introvert in your life, we’ve got you covered. Just because someone is introverted doesn’t mean that they’re boring, don’t like to have a good time or don’t enjoy being in the presence of others. Introverts just tend to enjoy a little solitude and they process things more inwardly than outwardly. Here are some ideas that introverts are going to love.

1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are quite trendy, but more than that, they’re a lot of fun. It’s a group activity that most introverts can really enjoy the thought provoking nature of an escape room. They’re kind of like a live action video game combined with a thrilling puzzle. The Breakout Games – Marlborough has different themed escape rooms to choose from. Not only is it a great bonding experience, you’ll get to search for clues, solve puzzles and leave with a great story to tell.

2. Hiking

If your introvert loves being out in nature, then strap up your hiking boots for a great time on the trail. There’s just enough stimulation to have a good time without feeling bombarded. Not to mention the focus of the activity is the journey and the discoveries made along the way.

3. Visit a Museum

Art galleries, aquariums and museums are an excellent activity for an introvert that really enjoys learning new things and being mentally stimulated. They’re usually fairly quiet and give introverts the ability to open up and talk if they’re so inclined. Keep in mind that weekends and days that schools aren’t in session are typically busier than other times. Smaller local museums tend to be more specific to the locale and have some really cool pieces that will amaze you.

4. Game Night

This is the kind of stuff that, “you had to be there,” stories are made of. Game nights can be at home and they can also be held at bars, bookstores and other venues. The fun of a game night, or even a trivia night, is that it’s all about fun and letting loose. The atmosphere is super casual and there’s sure to be plenty of laughter, maybe even food and drinks.

5. Live Entertainment

Live entertainment like a concert, a comedy show or theater is a great idea as long as it’s an artist, genre or comedian they enjoy. Just being in this type of creative and interactive space allows them to just sit back and enjoy without feeling pressured to “perform” or feeling like they’re the center of attention.

It’s important not to push an introvert too far, but don’t not invite your introvert along for a good time because you don’t want to seem too pushy. Introverts love a good time too, and sometimes their definition of a good time is a bit different from extroverts, sometimes it’s not. There’s plenty of introvert-friendly activities that anyone of any personality type will appreciate, and we hope this list has opened up your mind to some ways you can coordinate a group outing with an introvert or three.

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