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5 Practical Reasons to Get a DNP Degree

A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is a degree at the doctorate level that prepares nurses for research and leadership roles in the healthcare industry. Although it is still a new program, it is rapidly gaining popularity among nurses because it incorporates several opportunities for clinical development, academic development, and research. In present times, nurses who aim to progress in their careers opt for a DNP degree after completing their masters. Sometimes, nurses even opt for an accelerated DNP degree immediately after acquiring the BSN degree.

Naturally, completing this doctorate program requires a lot of hard work and effort, as it requires intense study and research. Therefore, if you are opting for a DNP program, you should be prepared. Although this commitment will span a long time, there are numerous benefits of acquiring this degree. To explore those benefits, let us discuss some reasons why you should opt for a DNP program.

1. Earn the highest level of education in nursing

The Doctorate in Nursing Program is a terminal degree, which means that this level of education is as high as you can achieve in this field. a DNP degree will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also make you one of the few specialists working in your field. Moreover, it will also open opportunities for leadership positions in the nursing field.

However, you must keep in mind that a DNP degree is not easy to acquire. And if you are wondering how long a DNP program is, you should know that to acquire this degree, you will have to commit for three to five years.

The skills and expertise you acquire while pursuing this field will give you a professional advantage, as there is a heavy shortage of nurses with the same specialization and leadership skills.

2. Advance your nursing career

If you have reached a plateau in your career, you can break out of that by acquiring a DNP degree. Acquiring a DNP degree will open several opportunities for growth that can help you achieve your professional goals.

Typically, nurses with a DNP degree take on leadership roles in the healthcare industry. Therefore, you, too, will have the potential to take on a leadership role such as nursing director, where you will be able to influence policies, work in public positions as a nurse educator, nurse manager, etc. If you are looking to advance in your career and need a change of scene, a DNP degree is the key to achieving those results.

3. Get a salary boost

Naturally, working in a leadership position comes with a hefty paycheck. If we’re talking about salary averages, then a nurse with a BSN degree makes an average of $60,000 yearly, and a nurse with an MSN degree makes an average of $80,000. However, if you have a DNP degree, you can make upwards of $100,000 yearly while working in leadership positions.

While salary is not the only reason to opt for a DNP degree, it is still a key motivator for nurses who want to improve their lifestyles. But acquiring a DNP degree is a financial investment in itself, and you can only complete the program if you are passionate about it. The heavy paycheck is only a reward for your achievements.

4. Specialize in what you love

Suppose you are interested in or passionate about a specific medical field that falls within the scope of nursing. In that case, a DNP degree gives you the perfect opportunity to acquire specialization in that field. During the program, you may be able to choose from several concentrations that include specialties such as:

  • Pediatric primary care
  • Family care
  • Adult-Gerontology acute care
  • Adult-Gerontology primary care
  • Psychiatric mental health

5. Learn from the experts in the nursing profession

To become an expert, you must surround yourself with experts. Therefore, studying the DNP programs opens you to a new level of knowledge and experience because there is so much more to learn beyond the bounds of textbooks. While studying DNP, you will work and learn from a faculty made up of specialists and experienced nurses in their field. They will provide insight regarding nursing practices and aspects of the field, its development, and modern nursing in ways beyond what you have seen until now. You will be able to develop many new skills under their supervision. Moreover, you will have new opportunities to acquire career guidance and mentorship from top specialists in the field.


A doctorate in nursing practice degree is a versatile program that prepares its students for several different types of roles. Therefore, enrolling in the DNP program will be an investment for your future, no matter which field and specialization you choose. Hence, if you are dreaming of advancing your nursing career, changing your responsibilities, and learning about the latest developments in the field, DNP programs are ideal for you. After all, a DNP degree can lead to a high-paying and rewarding career for the right motivations. You will acquire opportunities to lead, research, change policies, or use your skills for patients.

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