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5 Roof Maintenance Essentials for Homeowners

Depending on where you live, your roof system is likely one of the most vulnerable components of your home. From rain and wind, snow and sleet to ultraviolet radiation, there are various elements that may increase the rate at which your roof deteriorates.

Keeping House Clean

Since repairs and replacements can cost a fortune, it’s vital that you perform regular maintenance. In doing so, you’ll greatly improve the lifespan of your roof and save a considerable amount of money along the way. Here are 5 roof maintenance essentials for homeowners.

Check Your Shingles

The first step is to simply establish a routine inspection schedule so that you can identify any problems before they proliferate. It’s also wise to check up on your roof after heavy storms and high winds. You don’t necessarily need to take out the ladder and climb up to do this. A pair of binoculars will usually do the trick. Look out for:

Cracked and curling shingles
Missing pieces and granules
Peeling flashing

If you spot any of these issues, contact your local contractor to carry out the necessary repairs. It’s best to work with a licensed professional, such as residential roofing company Wildwood Roofing & Construction, to ensure that the job will be done right the first time.

Look for Leaks

Another way to find potential problems is to check for water stains on your ceiling. You should also get into your attic every now and then to determine if there’s any water damage. The most common signs include:

Patches and protrusions on interior walls
Spots on exterior walls
Musty odors in certain rooms

Fortunately, leaks are fairly simple and cost-effective to patch up, especially if you catch them in the early stages.

Clean the Gutters

While it can be a dirty job, clearing out your gutters is a key aspect of proper roof maintenance. A clogged gutter system can quickly lead to water breaches in the structure of your roof, causing more than just a few moisture stains. In most cases, two cleaning sessions per year (such as in late spring and early fall) is all it takes.

Wash Your Roof

When it comes to keeping your roof clean, relying solely on rainwater isn’t enough. Eventually, the surface will start accumulating stains, with long and dark streaks flowing downwards. This is not only dirt but also algae that can slowly cause rotting on shingles.

To alleviate this threat, create a 50/50 mix of bleach and water before spraying it on affected areas. It’s also a good idea to install copper strips underneath the peak of your roof. Then, the copper will flow down during rain and kill off any remaining algae.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Finally, don’t forget to cut off any overhanging branches that might fall onto your home come bad weather. In addition to preventing storm damage, trimming your trees will also reduce the buildup of moisture-absorbing foliage that would otherwise cause rotting.

As a bonus tip, be sure to patch up any cracks or missing mortar if you have a chimney. By following these steps, you can save countless hours and dollars in the long run.

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