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Secrets for Easy Gift Wrapping

The adage, “It is better to give than to receive” is truly my favorite part of Christmas. However, the part that is not a fave is the arduous task of gift wrapping. I know it should be fun, but isn’t there enough stress in purchasing, baking, cooking, cleaning and decorating – and then to add the pressure of gift wrapping when you’re already exhausted?


Here are a few helpful tips that will help relieve the gift-wrapping pressure of this season:

1. Beautiful Bows
The beauty of a hand-tied bow FAR outweighs the little bit of extra time it takes to tie it. On a budget? Skip the wide, wired ribbon aisle altogether, and use string, jute or yarn. Add a sprig of something from your yard and, voila!

Wrapping Tip: Do your hand tied bows ALWAYS come out crooked? While a crooked bow on your shoe may go unnoticed, giftwrap is a whole different story. After making the first loop, send the rabbit ear the other way around the tree.

The beauty of a bow and a bag. Voila!

The beauty of a bow and a bag. Voila!

2. Smooth Surface = Smooth Present
This sounds like a no-brainer, but uneven surfaces, like carpeted areas increase your chances of bumpy, wrinkled paper.

3. Tape is Key
Tape that shows up on wrapping paper never looks good (unless wrapped by a child, of course). Pick up Gift Wrap Tape, or double-sided tape. The “transparent” tape is not truly transparent, and looks tacky – especially on shiny wrapping paper.

4. Gift Bags & Tissue Lifesavers
Gift bags are a fast and easy alternative to giftwrap. Buy bags at the Dollar Store as early as possible, before they get picked over. Now, let’s talk tissue…

Step 1: Turn your bag on its side. Take a couple inches of tape, let the first inch stick to the center of a sheet of tissue paper, lift it high in the air and give it one hard shake downward.

Upside down tissue trick.

Upside down tissue trick.

Step 2: Instantly (albeit upside down) you should now be holding a beautiful, wavy, curtained cone of tissue perfection. Slide it into the bag. Transfer that second inch of tape from your fingers to the inside of the bag. Repeat until full. Turn bag upright. Voila!

And now, I’m already feeling the pressure of gift-wrapping unravel. It’s also the perfect time to remind myself of what really matters – the thought behind the gift. Isn’t that what the holidays are really about?

Happy Wrapping.

Kristal Zacharias is the mother of two beautiful, vivacious girls, and wife of a hunky husband who works in the action sports industry. For the past 15 years, Kristal has worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a professional communicator. Follow her journey at Clearly Kristal or on Facebook and Twitter.
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