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5 Simple Steps To Transform Your Backyard Into A Kid-Friendly Space

Gardening Tips

Having children means you need extra space in the house for them to play around. Hence, you may have been thinking of transforming your backyard into a kid-friendly space. This means they can safely enjoy cycling, fort-making, play ball, and other games right there in your own backyard. While fun is vital, safety is even more critical. Thus, you may have to consider the following steps to keep your backyard kid-friendly: 

  1. Install A Fence

It’s important to put safety first. Therefore, the first step is to install a fence to keep your kids from wandering outside your yard. You may want to keep the fence taller than your kids so they won’t climb over them. And you have to use durable ones as some kids tend to be inquisitive. They may start playing around in the fence, and if it’s not strong enough, it may quickly get destroyed. 

Aside from that, make sure to use smooth surfaces, which means the fence is free of splinters as these could hurt your kids. For instance, you could pick rail fencing, steel picket, aluminum, composite, and vinyl material—all of which have smooth surfaces.

  1. Add Comfortable Seats

Next, think about where to put up seats. These are essential as kids also need a comfortable place to unwind and plunk down after they feel tired from running around. There are various ways to add fun seats around your backyard. Below are just a few ideas: 

  • Hanging Seats: Make their seats fun with hanging chairs, also known as swings. While they’re sitting down, they can enjoy the rush of the wind whenever they move and sway their hanging seats. To keep them safe, it’s best to add some grass, sand, or any soft materials below the seats. That way, in case the kids fall down or get bumped off the swing, the soft cushion can prevent severe injuries and wounds. 

You don’t have to buy expensive commercial swings. Instead, you could use an old seat, tire, and some solid rope. Then, paint them in bright colors that would easily attract your kids. 

  • Sectional Seats: Facing the hanging seats, you can add an outdoor sectional to seat everyone. You can have a good view of your children while they play on the swings by adding this. A seat like this can also give some comfortable space to your children when they want to lie down. 
  1. Build A Treehouse

A treehouse is probably the most recognizable symbol of a child-friendly backyard. This allows kids and their friends to have a space to explore and hang out. Here, you can add toys, books, crafting sets, art materials, and other things that kids can have fun with. This will give them some kind of excitement instead of just staying indoors to play. 

To make it comfortable, you can also add some cushions where they can sit down. If you want to enjoy playing with them inside the treehouse, then the better. Just add a bunk room or guest room where you can stay and supervise them. 

This step, however, is just optional. If you don’t have the budget, materials, and space to build a treehouse yet, then you can skip this one and proceed to the other steps.

  1. Plant A Garden

Your backyard can also serve as a training ground for your kids to grow plants, herbs, and even vegetables. So, allocate a space where you and your kids could plant

To make it more fun, let your children decide on what they want to grow. If they have favorites, add them to the list, but you don’t have to complicate things; choose the ones that are easy to care for. 

Watering and taking care of their plants is also a great and simple way for your kids to learn household responsibilities. Aside from that, they may also be more willing to eat vegetables. Since they’re more likely to get excited with their own crops, they’ll be more than willing to eat them. 

  1. Add A Variety Of Kid-Friendly Backyard Toys

Lastly, add toys they can enjoy. This would include stilts, jump ropes, hula hoops, softballs, and the like. You can also choose themed activities like activity cones or beach toys. That way, you can make them enjoy a variety of games. 

In addition, you can add a ‘toy box’ where they can keep their toys after playing. Make the box alluring so you can encourage them to fix their toys after playing. This is also an excellent way to keep your yard free of clutter. 


Having a kid-friendly backyard will give you peace of mind as your kids can have a safe place to have fun. You don’t have to renovate it, but considering the steps above can transform it. What’s important is that you incorporate safety and fun in your backyard.

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