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5 Simple Ways to Create The Perfect Night Time Routine

As many parents know, helping your child develop a good bedtime and sleep schedule can be the difference between peaceful rest for all and potentially having higher levels of sleep deprivation.

Fostering Emotional Intelligence

This can often start with managing their night time routine as an infant and making sure that it remains consistent.

Yet, I can guess what you’re thinking: ‘Yeah, say that when they’ve been crying for fifteen mins and it feels like six hours; or your toddler has tried to co-sleep with you for the third straight night.’

Well, there can be a solution to those issues too, and you can incorporate these into the routine.

So let me give you some simple pointers on how you can perfect your child’s night time routine.

Set up for comfort

When you sleep in your bed, the idea is that you want to be sleeping on a supportive surface that is comfortable, right? You want to know that your mattress is of good quality and will give you a good night’s rest.

You should give the same consideration to your child, especially a baby’s mattress, if not more so, seeing as newborns can spend up to 17 hours of the day sleeping and 12 to 14 hours for infants. 

This is advised under that of the National Sleep Foundation, for these recommended hours “can help with healthy brain and body development as well as behaviour and emotions.” 

While the necessary hours can gradually decrease as your child grows, there is no doubt that comfort is important for a restful night’s sleep at any age.

Give your baby/child a bath

When it comes to developing the best nighttime routine for your child, it is wise to put a schedule of activities in place.

This routine should start around half an hour before bedtime and may include bathing your child.

Bathing helps drop the body’s core temperature, signalling time for sleep. 

However, it is best not to be done every night at newborn age (birth to 3 months) as the skin is very soft and can dry out easily at this period.

Then, as your child grows, a bath’s simple act can help develop a routine that makes them realise and adjust to a schedule and alert their bodies to get ready for bed.


Another way to create a good bedtime regimen for your child is to read to them before bed.

By reading to them, you are helping them to develop social cues, understand language and help them notice that it’s time to slow down at the end of a day. 

The act of reading aloud can help to comfort your child as well, in making them feel safe and secure.


Even if you’re not the greatest singer in the world, lullabies are a great way to get your child into the habit of sleeping soundly.

These simple, quiet songs can, as the name suggests, help lull your baby/child off to sleep at night. They can also help with bonding and connection between parent and baby.

Your baby becomes accustomed to your voice and what it sounds like in a soothing tone. This can also help lower stress levels, making sleep easier.

Same time every night

Much like some of the other activities on this list, setting a specific time each night creates a routine for your child.

Much like ourselves, it is wise for them to go at the same time each night. I’m sure you know how you feel when you don’t get enough sleep – grumpy and overtired.

That said, while, like us, they may try to test you, setting the same time enables them to get the amount they require and develop the means to do so alone.


Hence, these are some of my 5 tips for how you can lay out a successful bedtime routine for your child. Who knows, some may work for yourself.

Writer: Alana King

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