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5 Stress-Free Tips to Get Your Kids Out the Door

We have all been there – rushed in getting our kids ready and out the door. Licking the peanut butter from your fingertips, you notice the seconds winding down on the clock. “Mom, where are my socks?” a little voice calls. With a deep sigh, you realize the kids will be late to school. How can you prevent the dilemma of tardiness to school and other functions? Below are five tips to get everyone out the door – stress free!

tips to get your kids out the door

Packed lunches in the refrigerator ready the night before for a quick morning grab!

Tip #1 Pre-pack Lunches. Pre-make lunches the evening before (or early in the morning) and place in the refrigerator for a quick grab.

Tip #2 Shower and Bathe Your Kids the Night Before. With a few spritzes of detangling hair spray, teeth brushing and face wiping, your kids can be ready in no time.

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