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5 Super Easy Laundry Tricks for Longer-Lasting Clothes

Doing laundry is often the least favourite chore, especially when it comes to folding and putting the clothes back. So if you’re someone who dislikes doing laundry, then it’s important to create a system or learn some easy tricks. For that reason, here are some amazing laundry tips and solutions that will make your clothes last longer. Plus, it will make the job much easier.

1. Wash your clothes carefully 

Sure, you might feel tempted to quickly wash your dirty clothes and just be done with it. But, it’s important to wash your clothes carefully, using a gentle cycle and lower temperature. Also, if you’re thinking about putting a little extra detergent in the hope to clean clothes better, don’t. The excess laundry detergent might not rinse thoroughly. If you’re afraid that stains might not come out after the wash, then be sure to check for stains after the first wash and if you find them, then feel free to rewash your clothes. 

2. Be smart when drying

The method you use for clothes drying depends entirely on your preferences. Using a clothes dryer is definitely a practical and quick solution, especially if you have a big family or a lot of clothes. But, certain garments require special care, which is why tumbling them in a dryer can lead to over drying. Therefore, if you have damp clothes, it’s preferable to air dry them by hanging or folding them to avoid wrinkles and other damages. If you still want to do a clothes dryer, then at least test it first, so you can be sure that your clothes are safe.

3. Get some help 

Sometimes, the stains can be difficult or impossible to remove, and in that case, getting some extra help is a smart move. Dry cleaning is a great solution as it allows you to get your laundry done quickly and efficiently. In many instances, you’re not even required to leave your home, so be sure to check dry cleaners delivery near me, so you can get your clothes back in no time. This way of doing laundry is suitable for all the busy people who spend many hours at work. There’s nothing wrong with getting some help because a reliable dry cleaner can definitely transform your clothes for the better. 

4. Sore your clothes properly

Storing your clothes is extremely important if you want to avoid unnecessary wrinkling and tearing. The easiest way to store your clothes is to just crowd it in your wardrobe, but that can be quite frustrating in the long run. Instead, try to separate the clothes and store them accordingly. For example, sweaters shouldn’t be hanged, unless they’re “jacket sweaters”. Also, be sure to utilize the hangers to your advantage. If you have clothes made of silk, satin and other fine materials, then using a wooden hanger is a sure way to preserve them. In case you feel like making a bigger change, you can invest in a wardrobe, or even a walk-in closet, so there will be enough space for your clothes.

5. Read laundry labels 

You’re probably aware that all clothes come with laundry labels and washing instructions. However, if you just glance over them, then it’s important to change that. Reading the labels will show you how to properly wash and care for your clothes. This is especially important for clothes that have specific instructions, such as handwashing. If you treat fine clothes such as blouses or underwear with care, they’re going to last longer. 


Keeping your clothes in good condition will help you protect them from long-term damage. These tips will help you get started: washing the clothes according to instructions, drying them properly and using some extra help such as dry cleaning are all sure ways to make sure that your clothing items are properly taken care of. 


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