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5 Things Every Kid Must Know About The BFG

The BFG is a good book. I read the book and it was pretty great actually. Even though I am almost 14, I am going to recommend this book for kids ages 4-7, (If your four-seven year old can’t read, then read it to them – I just started reading it to my little bro).

BFG Book Review

This book is all about Sophie (A girl) and The BFG (A Small Giant {You can figure out what The “B” and the “F” Stand for!}) So here is 5 facts about and 5 reasons why you or your kids should read the book.

Fact: When the BFG talks, he may seem like he speaks with bad grammar. (But that did not stop me from reading the WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK!!)

Reason to Read the Book: The BFG is a nice giant! He has taken Sophie out of an orphanage that had a super mean caretaker. (Kind of like a movie/play I know! The sun comes out… TOMORROW!)

Fact: The BFG collects dreams and literally puts them into bottles and then writes part or all of the dream down on a label and sticks the label onto the bottle.

Reason to Read the Book: Even though that seems like a weird hobby it is actually really cool because he catches the dreams in a BUTTERFLY NET!!!

Fact: Snozzcumbers are really very gross! (If you don’t know what Snozzcumbers are… then READ THE BOOK!)

Reason to Read the Book: Read above!

Fact: People living in different places taste different according to the place they are living in. Ex: People living in Greece taste greasy!

Reason to Read the Book: The giants go on a rampage every night! (Must read the book to see what happens after that!)

Fact: Sophie used to live in England! But no one on earth knew about giants until the BFG heard, yes heard, Sophie spying the BFG doing something.

Reason to Read the Book: Read the book to find out what the BFG was doing!

(Ha, You thought there were going to be five!) The BFG has very, very BIG ears!

If you want to read more about the book…

THEN READ THE BOOK! Oh but wait. I just found out that you can not only read the book, but also watch the story unfold in theaters on July 1, 2016. I will be there..will you?

Sax playing, bilingual, and aspiring master chef. Andrew is a mad scientist & mathematician middle schooler by day, and an avid reader by night.

Disney was rad to give me a copy of the book..but that didn’t change my opinion of the awesomeness of this book transforming into a movie. Like ROCK Disney – Thanks!!!

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  1. Ella, I adore your writing. Keep up the great work! Great take on this movie.
    From one of your admiring Fans! <3

  2. Meant to say ANDREW, great job!
    You must have a Mom who’s a gifted writer!! Love this!

    Ella too, keep up the great writing!

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